Top 10 Reasons Why Marketing is So Important to Your SaaS Business

No matter what, the quality of your marketing efforts directly influences your company. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, does it make a difference? Marketing is an essential aspect to any business, especially for SaaS companies. It helps build brand recognition, create a relationship between you and your customers, and drive revenue. 

Take a look at these reasons why marketing is so important to your SaaS business:

1. SaaS Marketing Helps Your Target Audience Find You

SaaS Marketing helps you reach your target audience. Marketing doesn’t just sell your product or service. It helps you reach the people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer, and it does this by bringing attention to your company, brand, and/or product.

Most importantly, marketing helps you reach the right audience in the right way at the right time; this is vital for driving sales leads for SaaS businesses.

The marketing process starts with understanding who is going to buy from us, what they need from our company, and how we can help them solve their problem better than anyone else on the market before moving on to finding out where those potential customers hang out online. This way, we can speak directly with them through paid advertising campaigns such as Google Ads (formerly AdWords) or Facebook Ads, etc., known as “Paid Search.” 

2. Helps You Build Trust among Your Target Audience

Trust is the basis of any relationship, but it’s especially critical to the success of SaaS businesses. When you’re selling a subscription-based product, many customers are hesitant to commit to a long-term contract before they know what they’re getting into. Think about it: would you buy a gym membership or hire an accountant without knowing more about their business practices?

Trust is built over time and through experience with your brand. It takes time for customers to get comfortable with your product or services because there is so much risk involved in giving up control over their technology needs. Trust comes from consistency and honesty; if you say something is going to happen, then make sure it happens! If there are delays or setbacks, don’t be afraid to communicate openly with your audience about what happened and how you plan on fixing things moving forward so that everyone feels confident in working together as partners rather than adversaries.

3. Helps You Nurture Leads

The most important reason to market your SaaS business is to nurture leads. You can’t get new customers without first earning their trust, and the only way you can earn their trust is by nurturing them. You need a clear strategy for how you’re going to do this and an understanding of what it takes before you ever launch your marketing campaign. 

We’ve put together some examples of ways that companies have been successful at nurturing leads in different ways:

  • Email Marketing – One of the most common ways that we see people reach out initially with a lead magnet (a freebie/giveaway) which gives them something useful in exchange for their contact details so they can follow up with more information later on down the line when they’re ready for it.
  • Social Media – There are tons of platforms out there where businesses are able to use social media as part of their lead generation strategy, including LinkedIn groups and Facebook pages just looking for relevant content (like ours!). So, make sure you’re posting regularly enough that people notice when new posts show up!

4. Builds Relationships with Potential Partners and Clients

Marketing for SaaS is an important part of building relationships with potential partners and clients. It is one thing to get a lead and another to convert that lead into a sale, but it all starts with getting the first introduction. You can use marketing to introduce yourself and your product/service to potential partners and clients to build those relationships. 

Think about how you might engage in conversations about what you do or why your company exists, then use those insights when crafting your marketing strategies. Potential partners and clients won’t care to respond to your sales pitches when you’ve barely shared a proper conversation. Commenting on their posts is a great way to gain their attention on LinkedIn. Tools like Engage AI exist in the market to help you get the ball rolling, especially when you find yourself stuck at the first word. This AI app gives you instant comment suggestions to get you past writer’s block. You can even get novel ideas on how to approach the topic your prospect or client is talking about in their post. With the useful prompts from Engage AI, all you need to do is add some personal touches to the responses before sending them out. Once you impress your audience with your engaging comments, it’ll be so much easier to message them privately and organize a sales meeting.

5. Makes You Look More Professional

When customers see your marketing, they’ll start to associate it with a level of professionalism that’s above other businesses in your industry. This can give them confidence in your business and lead them to take action on what you’re offering—whether that’s buying from you or just giving their information so they can learn more about what you do. Marketing helps build a reputation as an industry leader in the minds of potential customers who trust that an organization will provide value because it has been doing so for a long time, not just because it’s saying so itself.

Marketing helps build brand awareness and recognition among new consumers looking for products like yours (and old ones which might have forgotten about what makes yours unique). It gives people something concrete to base their opinions on the company: “Hey, remember when I saw this cool ad?”

6. Informs, Persuades, and Calls to Action all at Once

Marketing is an incredibly complex process. There are so many different factors that go into marketing, and it’s important to understand each one individually before you can put them together.

Marketing has two main goals: informing and persuading your audience. It informs your target audience about the benefits of your product or service, and it persuades them to buy what you’re selling by showing them how they’ll benefit from doing so.

You should always be learning in marketing because the market is constantly changing (just look at how optimized landing pages have become over time). Marketing is also full of trial-and-error experiments that might not work out as planned but will help you learn more about what people want and need from your business or product.

7. Boosts the Value of Your Brand

Marketing helps you build trust, relationships, and credibility. These are all important in the long-term value of your brand.

Marketing can also help you build your brand, reputation, and value. This is why it’s so important to have a marketing strategy in place when building a SaaS business or any other sort of website that relies on customers coming back again and again (often referred to as an “ecosystem”).

8. Marketing is Essential to Your Reputation as a Business That Cares about Its Customers’ Needs

Marketing is Essential to Your Reputation as a Business That Cares about Its Customers’ Needs

Your marketing efforts are essential to your reputation as a business that cares about its customers’ needs. Without marketing, you’d be left in the dark, trying to attract new customers with no way of knowing what they want or need.

However, there’s an even bigger reason why marketing is so important: because it helps you become more efficient and effective at what you do by building relationships with your audience. This might seem obvious—but it’s something many companies don’t take advantage of! In fact, most companies spend more time convincing themselves that content alone will get them where they want to go than actually creating content that showcases their expertise and helps potential customers understand why they should buy from them.

The fact is, if nobody knows about your product or service, then how can anyone decide whether or not it’s right for them? Or how can investors trust in its success?

This brings us back around full circle: marketing isn’t just about increasing sales today—it’s about setting yourself up for long-term success tomorrow by building trust among potential partners (employees), investors (customers), etcetera so that when times get tough – which often happens in SaaS – people will still come back because they know who YOU are!

9. Gives You a Competitive Advantage over Other Businesses in Your Industry or Niche

Marketing is one of the best ways to separate your business from your competition. It helps you stand out in the crowd and get noticed by prospective customers, so they choose to do business with you instead of going with one of your competitors.

This is important because the more people who know about you, the more revenue you’ll be able to generate from repeat customers or new sign-ups. Marketing allows you to build a reputation as an expert in your field and attract more eyeballs (and sales) for your company over time.

10. Marketing Connects You with an Influential Audience

Think about it this way: if you’re trying to sell your product, who do you want to talk to? Someone who already knows about it and has already purchased it, or someone who hasn’t heard of it yet? Of course, the answer is the second one. The first group already has their own solutions for any problem you can solve for them; they do not need yours.

Marketing allows you to reach out beyond your existing network and connect with new people—people who may have never heard of your product before but might be interested in what you have to offer. If done correctly, marketing will allow these new prospects (the ones not yet familiar with or sold on your service) to see that what they need isn’t offered by anyone else on the market right now (or at least not as effectively).


Now you know it’s not just sales that help customers discover your business, but the whole marketing process. Your brand is important to your company’s success and gives people a reason to trust and buy into what you have. Even more, than money, if you want to grow, then focus on building a brand they’ll love before anything else. It will be worth it at the end when they rave about how much they enjoy using your product (or service), how easy it was for them to sign up for an account (navigate through all those forms), and why their friends should too.