Best Email Marketing Software for SaaS Businesses

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SaaS is a newer business model compared to other businesses and traditional software companies. Traditional companies have to build an entire infrastructure, including data centers, databases, security, multiple redundant networks, etc. Customers visit these websites and have to either pay to download or choose other services along with it. If you’re a … Read more

The Value of SaaS Company Benchmarking

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Benchmarking compares performance metrics and is commonly used to provide the logic behind targets and measure success. Those targets are less meaningful in the absence of benchmarks. Overly ambitious targets can also be made more realistic by looking at what is going on elsewhere. When deciding how to benchmark their business, SaaS … Read more

Benefits of Using SEO Management Software

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“Search Engine Optimization” is one of the most important tools for online marketing strategy. You can improve your rankings in search results using SEO. Often, the research and organization required to target the right keywords can be time-consuming and not very effective. And that precisely is where the SEO management software comes … Read more

10 Examples of Strategic SaaS Website Designs

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Over the next few years, studies have predicted that Saas (software-as-a-service) will grow the number of platforms used by many businesses. To sustain this growth and take advantage of many new SaaS startups and services have been rising. In five recent years – 1,400 SaaS companies and brands have been launched.  With … Read more

Best Examples of SaaS Products

Best Examples of SaaS Products

SaaS or Service as a Software is becoming the fastest growing industry in the world. Many entrepreneurs and businesses want to be a part of this industry by either creating a new SaaS product, investing in the existing SaaS products, or simply acquiring it. But creating a SaaS product is easier said … Read more

How to Get Traction for a SaaS Product

How to Get Traction for a SaaS Product

You have spent quite a few weeks, months, and even years building your SaaS product. Invested a lot of time and money in the product, and now you’re wondering. How to get traction for your SaaS product? How can you get the 100 first-paying customers? There are many customer acquisition channels that … Read more

Tips for Creating a Business Plan for a SaaS Company

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Every business plan has the same components, but a SaaS business plan should pay special attention to customer acquisition (i.e. marketing) and the financial strategy. Business plans contain elements specific to the sort of business, thus in the instance of a SaaS company, you’ll want to list all of your requirements and … Read more

6 Pitch Deck Best Practices for 2021


If you’re trying to raise funds for your business, an impressive pitch deck is an essential part of your fundraising toolkit. A good pitch deck grabs potential investors’ attention and engages them in a conversation about your business, and at last mostly leads to an investment. Remember that an investor’s first impression … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Activation Rate

10 Ways to Improve Your Activation Rate

For SaaS companies, an important process is to ensure that all consumers benefit from the product. So your goal is to enable consumers to achieve their promised value as they move along the consumer journey. To increase the activation rate, you need to show user value as soon as possible. Growth hacking … Read more

B2C Vs. B2B SaaS: Understanding the Difference

B2C Vs.  B2B SaaS: Understanding the Difference

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are maintained by third-party vendors and provided to customers over the Internet. SaaS customers are mostly companies and sometimes end-users of applications. Therein lies the difference between B2B and B2C SaaS companies.  A common example of a B2C SaaS … Read more

Gross Margin for SaaS Companies

Gross Margin for SaaS Companies

SaaS gross margins have recently been attracted by investors digging into SaaS cost structures and income growth rates into 2020. It’s not just necessary to achieve your total gross margin.  These revenue sources include your gross profit and professional services margin, depending on your business model. In this article, We will explain … Read more