Making the Right Choice: Key Considerations When Buying a POS System

Making the Right Choice Key Considerations When Buying a POS System

POS (Point of Sale) systems have come a long way from just being a tool to facilitate sales transactions. Modern POS systems consist of hardware and software components, and include components that not only facilitate sales transactions, but also enable businesses to manage customer information, inventory and more. Although the main objective … Read more

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Adopt SaaS

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Adopt SaaS

Smaller enterprises, especially restaurants, need to maximize their IT budget to remain profitable and competitive. One way to expand your IT budget is to use Software as a Service (SaaS) for your point-of-sale system. Software as a Service (SaaS), like any other mobile app or tablet, is downloaded over the Internet and … Read more

Top 10 POS Systems for Retail Businesses

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Introduction Modern retail businesses are moving away from clunky cash registers to modern technologies at a rapid pace, but almost half of single-store retail businesses are still using the manual methods. The problem with traditional systems is that not only are they difficult to use, the also take a lot of works … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying a Retail POS (Point of Sales) System

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What is a Retail POS System? A retail point of sale is a place where customers make payments for products/services. A┬áretail pos system has become a necessity for retail businesses that want to leverage modern technologies to improve efficiency and boost productivity. A POS system provides retail businesses with the tools they … Read more