SaaS review: Papaya Global

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is a cloud-based payroll and HR company. Often called an Employer of Record (EOR) and a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Papaya is designed to be the middleman for employing employees around the world. Founded in 2016 by Eynat Guez, Ofer Herman, and Ruben Drong, Papaya quickly raised around $444m and … Read more

How to Create Your Own SaaS Product

software for computers and smartphones

Creating software or programs for your business can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t really have the knowledge in web and software development. However, once you actually learn the basics of creating software, you will be able to understand how to convey what you want to have on your brand’s website … Read more

How is SaaS Used in the Air Force?

a visual representation of cloud computing

The use of cloud computing services for military communication systems, especially Air Force, started 10 years ago. Americans were the first to transfer their military data onto the cloud. It makes the defense sector more efficient, provides ultimate security against cyber threats, and reduces costs. In simple terms, the main goal of … Read more

How is SaaS Used in Food Industry?

a person lifting beverages using a forklift

The food industry is enormous – it touches many different industries and employs millions of people. Food manufacturers, distributors, and restaurants rely on technology to operate their businesses efficiently. SaaS solutions can help you manage your food-related business more effectively by streamlining processes like purchasing inventory and accounting for expenses. You’ll also … Read more

Choosing Hosting for a Service Business vs. a Commodity Business

a person using her smartphone and exploring an e-commerce site

Web hosting is an essential service for businesses that need to make their websites available to users on the internet. There are different types of web hosting packages, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Web hosting costs vary widely, with some services costing as low as $4 a month and others … Read more

Can your Hosting Service Get Hacked?

a silhouette of a hacker

If you’re a website owner, you know that the data on your site can be stolen or destroyed by hackers. However, it may surprise you to learn that hosting companies are also subject to hacking risks. The good news is that you can take steps to minimize the chance of this happening. … Read more

The Best Cloud ERP Services

a person using a laptop

Cloud ERP services are quickly becoming the preferred choice for small businesses that want an enterprise-level business management solution without purchasing and maintaining expensive software. Cloud ERP providers offer a range of benefits that make their solutions more cost-effective and easier to use than traditional on-premise solutions.  Let’s explore some of the … Read more

What is Loyalty Loop?

a person giving their credit card to another person

In business, loyalty is often defined as a relationship between a customer and a brand. Most businesses aim to develop and maintain loyal customers who continue buying their products or services over time. A customer who buys from the same company repeatedly over time can be considered loyal to that company. A … Read more

Tips to Enhance Product Qualified Leads (PQL)

Successful leads

PQLs are not something you see every day in your marketing. However, if you’re new to this term and wondering what PQL is exactly and how it can benefit your business, we’re here to tell you!  What is a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)? A PQL is a customer who has demonstrated an … Read more