What is Loyalty Loop?

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In business, loyalty is often defined as a relationship between a customer and a brand. Most businesses aim to develop and maintain loyal customers who continue buying their products or services over time. A customer who buys from the same company repeatedly over time can be considered loyal to that company. A … Read more

Tips to Enhance Product Qualified Leads (PQL)

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PQLs are not something you see every day in your marketing. However, if you’re new to this term and wondering what PQL is exactly and how it can benefit your business, we’re here to tell you!  What is a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)? A PQL is a customer who has demonstrated an … Read more

How is SaaS Used in Media?

How is SaaS Used in Media

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud-based software solution that offers subscription-based access to applications and services. SaaS applications are typically web-based, eliminating the need for on-premises servers and maintenance. This type of software was originally developed by Salesforce in the early 2000s but has since evolved into an industry standard … Read more

How is SaaS Used in Tourism?

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As the tourism industry continues to grow, many tourism companies are looking for ways to improve their customer experience and increase revenue. There are several SaaS solutions on the market today that can help them achieve both of these goals.  SaaS is cloud-based, subscription-based, web-based, on-demand, and remote. Its main advantage is … Read more

Breaches in Service Level Agreement (SLA) in SaaS

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In this post, we will discuss the basics of SaaS, the service level agreement (SLA), and the breaches in it. We will dive deep and explore the potential types of breaches, their definitions, reactions, and how to avoid them.  What is SaaS? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method of application … Read more

How is SaaS Used in Education?

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Digitalization of schools is the need of today’s world and not an accessory. Being able to access information anywhere is not only beneficial for the students but also for teachers. SaaS simplifies school management, promotes flexible payments, and facilitates the effective and quick sharing of files and all the intricate communication processes … Read more

What is the SaaS Fish Model?

What is the SaaS Fish Model

You might have heard of the SaaS Fish Model, but what do you know about it? And how can knowing the model help you market your product or service? In short, the fish model visualizes how a software company can transition to become a SaaS company. The Fish Model is a tool … Read more

How is SaaS Used in Banking?

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There are many benefits that SaaS (Software as a Service) offers to financial institutions. So much so that many of the top banks, like Bank of America and HSBC, use it to enhance their services, improve operations as well as cut costs. We’ve put together this guide on how SaaS is used … Read more

How is SaaS Used in Automotive Industry?

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The automotive industry is one of those segments that are growing at a rapid pace. From sales and marketing to customer management, everything needs to be fast and efficient. In order to do so, automotive companies are adopting SaaS. We have put together a list of areas where SaaS is changing how … Read more

Is SaaS Safe in Terms of Privacy?

Is SaaS Safe in Terms of Privacy

SAAS is an extremely convenient model to use, and many people, including you, may have benefitted from it. However, whenever you are working on something on the internet, there are security concerns that you should be wary of. As SAAS brings about an innovative way to go about software, it brings with … Read more