Importance of Annual Contract Value (ACV) in SaaS

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What is Annual Contract Value (ACV)? SaaS businesses need real-time information depicting the current revenue health of the business, allowing them to set goals and take maneuvers accordingly. ACV is a metric that gives insights into the revenue cycle over a span of time, usually one fiscal year. The focal point of … Read more

What is Loyalty Loop?

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In business, loyalty is often defined as a relationship between a customer and a brand. Most businesses aim to develop and maintain loyal customers who continue buying their products or services over time. A customer who buys from the same company repeatedly over time can be considered loyal to that company. A … Read more

Tips to Enhance Product Qualified Leads (PQL)

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PQLs are not something you see every day in your marketing. However, if you’re new to this term and wondering what PQL is exactly and how it can benefit your business, we’re here to tell you!  What is a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)? A PQL is a customer who has demonstrated an … Read more

What is the SaaS Fish Model?

What is the SaaS Fish Model

You might have heard of the SaaS Fish Model, but what do you know about it? And how can knowing the model help you market your product or service? In short, the fish model visualizes how a software company can transition to become a SaaS company. The Fish Model is a tool … Read more

SaaS Billings vs. Monthly Recurring Revenue

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Your SaaS business is faring well, and your investors are happy. Your sales team is signing new clients every month, and you have $500 thousand in monthly billings. You’re thinking that you’ll soon become a unicorn (a company with a valuation of more than one billion dollars), but the party might come … Read more

10 Unique Ways to Improve Organic Traffic of Your SaaS Company

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Organic traffic is an absolutely critical source of growth for most SaaS companies. It’s essentially the “free” traffic source compared to other acquisition channels like paid ads. That being said, driving organic traffic isn’t easy—or simply for that matter. In fact, it can be incredibly complicated and time-consuming—but well worth it. That … Read more

The 10 Most Successful SaaS Companies in the World

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If you’re interested in entering the extremely lucrative SaaS market, it might be a good idea to learn about the biggest and most successful companies in this industry. Here’s our list of the top 10 most successful SaaS companies (not ranked by revenue) and some details about how they got there. 1. … Read more

How Should a SaaS Company Be Accounting For Revenue?

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SaaS companies are typically based on recurring revenue models, meaning that the money they get in from different customers doesn’t come in all at once. Instead, it comes in little by little over time as those customers pay for their subscription or use of a service. That can make accounting for revenue … Read more