4 SaaS Marketing Strategies for 2022

Software as a service, better known as SaaS, is a big player in the world of business. The overall SaaS market is expected to reach a whopping $397.5 billion by the end of 2022 and those who are in the SaaS world are constantly looking for new ways to grow their business and bring in more clients.

This is where marketing comes into play. Applying the right marketing strategies can help you grow but also sell SaaS business assets later on when you find a broker. So here are the best SaaS marketing strategies you should use in 2022.

Spend time working on SEO

Search engine optimization needs to be an irreplaceable marketing strategy for any business. A lot of people nowadays look for products and services online and considering how search engines are the starting point for 68% of online experiences, you need to focus on search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is very complex to achieve but simple to understand. You need to add elements to your website that will earn it a high-ranking position on Google and help it come up easily when someone searches for a service similar to yours.

SEO is an important marketing strategy for SaaS businesses because a majority of people who want to purchase software don’t look for a specific company that sells it. They go to Google, search for the features they’re interested in, and see what comes up.

But as we already mentioned, SEO is extremely complicated and there are a lot of factors that go into creating a good SEO strategy. And another important thing you need to realize is that SEO for SaaS companies is different than SEO for businesses that sell physical products.

If you want to learn how more about SaaS search engine optimization, you should check out our detailed guide to enterprise SaaS SEO.

Start a referral marketing program

Referral marketing can be described as word-of-mouth advertising for the digital age. It includes your customers recommending your services to their friends and family and it’s a great way to get people who might not have heard of your services to become interested in them.

However, no matter how good your software is, very few people will recommend it without some sort of incentive. This is why referral marketing programs exist.

These programs offer incentives to people who become your referrals and get someone else to become your client. For SaaS companies, the most common incentive is getting an extra feature of the software for free.

Entice people with free trials

While there are many SaaS marketing strategies that can help you grow your business, one that you can’t ignore is offering free trials. With free trials, you have nothing to lose but you can gain a lot.

Unlike businesses that sell physical products, companies that sell software can offer free trials to entice their potential customers, show what their software can do, and generate leads.

Let’s say a potential client thinks your software sounds like it would be the perfect fit for them. However, they aren’t sure so they don’t take the plunge and you wind up losing a customer. But when you offer them a free trial with no strings attached, you can show them exactly how your product works.

Additionally, make it clear to everyone that this free trial offer exists. Mention it in multiple places on your website, such as your homepage and blog articles, include it in your promotional emails, and newsletters.