SaaS and DevOps: Accelerating Software Development and Deployment

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The rapid pace of today’s software development calls for an agile, robust approach to IT operations. Enter DevOps, a system that marries development and IT for seamless code delivery. But let’s be honest, implementing DevOps can be complex and costly. Thankfully, the intersection of SaaS and DevOps is offering a remedy. This … Read more

How Cloud-Based Software Is Transforming The Real Estate Industry

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Cloud computing has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing various industries, and the real estate sector is no exception. According to a Deloitte report, 36% of commercial real estate executives are actively planning to invest in cloud computing solutions. This statistic highlights the industry’s recognition of the transformative power and potential that … Read more

Cloud Computing Adoption Across Companies

Cloud Computing Adoption Across Companies

Cloud computing has become a transformative force in the world of technology, driving innovation, and redefining business strategies for organizations of all sizes. Companies worldwide are adopting cloud services to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. This article will explore the extent of cloud computing adoption among companies … Read more

SaaS eBook – eBook Review

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Over a couple of decades, technology has become essential. From households to businesses, technology plays an important role. With a good internet connection and up-to-date smart devices, people can access anything from anywhere in the world. Software as a Service is provided to the clients over a cloud server. As a result, … Read more

The Many Benefits Of Using Cloud Security For Your Business

The Many Benefits Of Using Cloud Security For Your Business

Cloud computing has been around a lot longer than many people think and it has so much to offer your business. In this increasingly competitive environment, businesses are having to protect their IT structures and their security as well. This is why cloud security has become so popular because of the many … Read more

IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, & SaaS: Understanding the Cloud Computing Pyramid

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Introduction IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are the most common technologies that frequently come up when talking about cloud computing. It’s not uncommon to see people using these terms interchangeably as all these technologies work behind the cloud.  This business model can be adopted in various niches – from entertainment to healthcare. Companies … Read more

How Casinos are using cloud computing to differentiate themselves

How Casinos are using cloud computing to differentiate themselves

The shift towards online gambling, as opposed to land-based casinos, is occurring rapidly. And cloud computing has had a large part to play in these sweeping changes. The evolution of cloud computing has impacted almost everything that matters and it seems to provide the world with the opportunity to take online gambling … Read more

How SaaS Can Help Businesses Lower Cost of Ownership?

How SaaS Can Help Businesses Lower Cost of Ownership

Introduction Choosing between cloud-based or on-premises solutions has become an important decision to make for enterprises and SMBs that want to evolve alongside technology and stay competitive. While businesses try their best to commit to the most valuable, secure and accessible tools, choosing between different types of solutions can be tricky. Cloud … Read more

Understanding SaaS: Commonly Used SaaS Terminologies and Acronyms

SaaS Terminologies and Acronyms

Introduction Many users, especially those new to cloud computing often wonder what all the tech buzz words and abbreviations mean. While you don’t really have to be an expert in cloud computing to sign up for a subscription, it’s important to understand the meaning of key terminologies and acronyms related to the … Read more