How SaaS Can Help Businesses Lower Cost of Ownership?

How SaaS Can Help Businesses Lower Cost of Ownership

Introduction Choosing between cloud-based or on-premises solutions has become an important decision to make for enterprises and SMBs that want to evolve alongside technology and stay competitive. While businesses try their best to commit to the most valuable, secure and accessible tools, choosing between different types of solutions can be tricky. Cloud … Read more

Important Factors to Consider when Selecting a SaaS Provider

Consider when Selecting a SaaS Provider

Introduction Picking the right SaaS provider has become critical as an increasing number of businesses seek to externalize their IT systems. Due to a few barriers to entry and nature of the cloud industry, it’s not surprising to see a myriad of SaaS providers that offer a large number of services. This … Read more

Understanding SaaS: Commonly Used SaaS Terminologies and Acronyms

SaaS Terminologies and Acronyms

Introduction Many users, especially those new to cloud computing often wonder what all the tech buzz words and abbreviations mean. While you don’t really have to be an expert in cloud computing to sign up for a subscription, it’s important to understand the meaning of key terminologies and acronyms related to the … Read more

SaaS vs On-Premises: Choosing the Right Enterprise Solutions

SaaS vs On Premises

Introduction Deciding between an in-house or on-premises and SaaS solution is an important element of an IT strategy. That’s especially true for large enterprises that are always looking for a competitive advantage. Choosing between the two depends on a lot of factors and there isn’t any magical formula that works for all … Read more

Understanding SaaS: Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service Level Agreements

Introduction Many users interested in trying out SaaS (Software as a Service) end up getting confused by all the technical jargon they come across during their research. While SaaS is increasingly becoming a popular software delivery method, many still don’t understand common terminologies associated with cloud technology. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) … Read more

Understanding SaaS: Benefits and Challenges

Introduction to SaaS

Introduction to SaaS Gone are the days when people used to buy CDs/DVDs to load software onto their computers or had to download huge installation applications (almost). Thanks to high-speed internet, now we can send large volumes of data between local computers and external servers quickly. The tech industry has been steadily … Read more

5 Metrics That Every Subscription Business Should Measure

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You can find countless blog posts and lists out there saying what metrics a subscription business should measure. There are tons of nice-to-have metrics, but I’d like to show you 5 metrics that are really indispensable for a SaaS or any kind of subscription business. It’s important to notice that this lists represents my personal point … Read more

The Definite List of Top SaaS Blogs and Influencers

The Definite List of Top SaaS Blogs and Influencers

If you’re looking for the top SaaS blogs and influencers you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided to put together a killer list, categorized and organized to help you find and consume world class SaaS and subscription content from the best people and companies in the market. The list is organized … Read more