Job Opportunities In The SAAS Software Industry

People the world over have been binge-watching on Netflix, unmindful of the technology involved in such services. Netflix is one of the most commonly-used SaaS or Software as a Service. However, there are other such applications that you may be using regularly such as iCloud if you are an Apple user and Google Apps.

SaaS refers to applications or services that users can access through the Internet. In most cases, these are made available for free and you only need to log-in to be able to get access to the service. If you need to improve your productivity and efficiency for free, there are several SaaS that will give you access to tools like spreadsheet, word processor and even design.

The society’s increased reliance on these applications and services has opened up opportunities for high-paying SAAS jobs. If you are looking for a career path, then this should give you a heads up on what courses to take or expertise to develop. It is always a good idea to keep up with the signs of the times.

What are the job opportunities in the SaaS software industry today

Cyber Security Engineer

More people find themselves relying on the internet in their day to day lives. Almost everyone conduct their shopping, banking, working and other activities online. The online world, however, has made everyone vulnerable to security risks such as identity theft, data breach, hacking, phising and other cyber dangers that you can not even think of. Such risks have amplified the important role played by a cyber security engineer.

A cyber security engineer, also called an IT or data security engineer is a professional who will make sure that systems, applications and software do not only work fine but are kept safe from cyber attacks. With the increasing demand for this professional, the industry is now faced with manpower shortage.

To become a cyber security engineer, you need to complete a degree in Computer Science, Systems Engineering or Information Technology. You also need to know Java, Ruby, Python and similar languages, plus the latest trends in the cyber world. These professionals get hefty pay checks depending on experience and expertise.

Cloud engineer

This professional is considered an expert when it comes to cloud services and cloud computing. As more people use MailChimp, Slack or Google Apps for their daily transactions, the need for a professional who can design, manage and provide support for these services also increases.

Employers are constantly on the lookout for cloud engineers as they beef up their investments in the booming industry. Public cloud infrastructure spending is expected to reach $173 billion by 2026, with up to $55 billion alone for SaaS and PaaS (Platform as a Service). More IT companies are also now providing cloud services and they offer vast career opportunities for these professionals.

To be a cloud engineer, you need to have a Computer Science or Engineering degree. You also need expertise on software development, open source technology and systems engineering among others. If you are eyeing to be hired by large companies, then you need experience on automation, Google compute engine, Linux, OpenStack and similar technologies.

Data scientist

Want to handle one of this century’s sexiest jobs? Then become a data scientist. This professional is a wizard when it comes to analysing and applying data and algorithms. Companies that offer a wide array of technology need someone to make use of the data they collect to address consumer problems.

Armed with skills in analytics, statistics and computer science, the data analyst helps companies and organisation come up with strategic decisions. To be a data analyst, you need to have a degree in Statistics, Social or Physical Sciences and Computer Science. A single degree is enough, but a Master’s and a Ph.D would increase your value in the labor market.

Data scientists are not only in demand but they get high pay checks. Demand for this professional is increasing, with up to 11.5 million job opportunities available by 2026.

If the highly-technical nature of the other SaaS job opportunities does not appeal to you, a career in sales can be an alternative. There are a variety of SaaS applications and services in the market and these companies need to sell them to specific users. Make these services more accessible to end users through strategic marketing. You will be surprised how a career in SaaS sales can be both fulfilling and lucrative.