The Good and the Bad of Cloud Computing Casino Industry

Everything is going on the cloud. At least, that is how it feels. To try to make computer processing and access a lot simpler, it seems that more businesses, especially those that offer goods and services across a wide region, have turned to the cloud to maintain customer and employee records. It is an efficient way to handle these records.

However, there are those who are concerned about this kind of access. With so much out there on the Internet, people are worried that hackers will figure out a way to access it.

Online Casinos Going into the Clouds

Casinos are realizing that they can more efficiently offer their services to customers and players through the cloud. The use of solid-state drives and technology makes the speed and protection of information of an extremely high-quality value.

However, this is not the only reason why cloud-based casinos are becoming extremely popular. There are those who think that this is the way to go, while others have serious doubts. Here are some of the pros and cons related to cloud-based casinos.

Pros Cons
Reduce Costs Access Limited with Low Bandwidth
Speed Up Access Quality Can Be Affected
Improve Overall Security Security Issues

In New Zealand, there are online casinos and bookmakers that are using cloud technology to store their information. Coral is such company, for example, using such technologies and they are one of the most trusted bookmakers in the country, adding a great deal of confidence for those who have their doubts about cloud-based casinos.


Reduce Costs

One of the things that hurts players access to any type of online program or site costs. The greater the cost to allow for that access, the greater the price that users will pay. The cloud makes it so that casinos can greatly reduce costs involved, which means better quality games and the ability of the casinos to offer better perks and loyalty programs.

Speed Up Access

One of the biggest advantages to the cloud-based casino is the speed of the games. Because all the programs and information are stored on a server in the cloud, it makes it easy for someone to access that information no matter where they might be. You are going to have the same easy access whether you are in Australia, China, the United States, or Kenya. This makes the experience far more enjoyable for players, because there are no delays in the processing because of the quick availability across the Internet.

Improve Overall Security

If you have an operating system to your computer, you have likely had to make continuous updates to the system. This is one of the issues related to having information stored in several locations. All those locations need to have the same updates to ensure that the proper security is implemented. However, when a casino stores all its programming and data on the cloud, the security is always updated. You have the highest degree of protection because there is only one upgrade that needs to be made.


Access Limited by Band Width

While it is great that the same processing speed and technology is available to users everywhere, that does not mean that the games are processing at the same speed. A person who has a bad Internet connection or low bandwidth is not going to have the same experience as someone who has a much better bandwidth. This becomes a problem because all the information has to be transferred from the cloud. Nothing is stored on your individual computer, meaning you have no ability to improve the speed at which the game operates, in less you can improve the overall bandwidth.

Quality Can Be Affected

When your transfer rate is low, the quality of the games can suffer as well. Graphics may not show properly, the way that the game processes may not be as good, and sound quality could be diminished. Your individual computer and the rate of transfer will have a lot to say on how well you enjoy your time playing the game of your choice.

Security Issues

While there are fewer security risks because security updates are made and only need to be made in one location, that also means that hackers are focused solely on trying to attack that one cloud server. They know that this is where all the information is stored, so they are focused on attempting to access that information. All they have to do is find one security breach and they can have access to the entire database. Everything about customers and the way that the casino operators are accessible.

However, do not get too worried about something like this. You can be sure that the best cybersecurity possible is being used. Therefore, there is very little, maybe even almost no possibility of label access into the casino site.

There are great cloud-based casinos available in the country, and you may want to take advantage of this. You find that the overall experience is better than you could possibly imagine. As long as you are able to get a good Internet signal, you will have no issues. So have fun, and do not worry. Your gaming experience will be better than ever.