How To Make Your Office its Most Energy Efficient

Office life is set to change a lot in the coming years, with lots of exciting suggestions about what’s ahead.

In among all the speculation, one constant theme seems to be that running an eco-friendly, sustainable office will be more important than ever.

With that in mind, it’s worth asking what you can do to get your office energy consumption running at its most efficient. Consider switching energy suppliers and look for who has the best energy rates in Texas.  After all, running a greener office will save you money, time and do some good for the environment.

Smart Consumption

Becoming popular in homes and businesses alike, managing your energy consumption via a Smart meter is a great idea to keep track of your day to day output.

Global business like Schneider Electric offer meter configuration utility systems that will allow you run a full analysis of what resources you’re using on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Using this data, you can track high or unnecessary energy usage and adjust accordingly.

For example, you might notice your electricity consumption is far higher than it should be for a business of your size. Once you investigate more, you may realise that’s because you’re using some older, energy-sapping devices, which brings us to our next point.

Get the Right Kit

Embracing the Internet of Things and fitting out your office with smart-tech will not only make your office more energy efficient, but more productive as well. Focusing on the energy side, there are several pieces of smart-tech that you can install.

Smart lighting, motion sensors and thermostats will help control the lighting, temperature and other systems involved with energy consumption around the office and will reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention your energy bill at the end of the month.

Especially for start-up businesses, laptops over desktop computers are the way to go with laptops using up to 80% less power than their desktop counterparts.

When you’re looking to buy equipment for your office, look for the Energy Star logo. This logo means what you’re buying is designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

Go Natural

Finally, embrace the benefits of mother nature where you can.

When the sun is out, turn the lights off and let the natural light fill the room. Likewise, open the windows instead of using the air conditioning and switch off the heating when it isn’t needed.

They are simple solutions, but natural light and some fresh air in the summertime will do your employees some good as well as saving a few pennies.

With so many potential benefits, many offices are making moves towards being their most energy efficient. With the rise of smart-tech, a few simple changes could help bring your business into line with modern, sustainable office culture.