Top 6 reasons to use live chatbots for your online business

With the advancement in artificial intelligence, chatbots have become a faint splash on a great wave of progress. A chatbot can be defined as a computer program which is adequately designed to stimulate useful conversation with many human users, specifically over the internet. Live chatbots are assistants that easily communicate with you, with the help of text messaging. It is a virtual companion which integrates into various applications, websites,or instant messengers, with live chatbots, entrepreneurs can get closer to their clients.

In today’s time, there are endless users, who are using messaging apps, such as Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, and their analogs. As messengers have seen a tremendous increase, virtual chatterbots which kind of imitate human conversations, in order, to solve several different tasks are becoming popular as well as convenient, day by day. 


In recent years, live chatbots have been used in many different areas of business activities and been very successful. Live chatbot customer service is a huge opportunity for many brands. As mentioned earlier people are extensively making use of messenger apps more, in comparison to the use of social networks. They even offer some unique benefits, such as the ability of 24/7 customer service and they can acquire customer information very easily. You can make use of chatbots if you are thinking of how to start an anonymous blog.

Now the most commonly asked question is why an online business needs live chatbots. There are many reasons for this, like to get rid of monotonous routine tasks as well as simultaneous processing of endless requests from many random users. The other one is the impressive speed of active user’s requests with live chatbots helps to gain customer loyalty too.

Here are thetop 6 reasons to make use of super-effective live chatbots for any online business:


  • To streamline the shopping process

It only takes a few minutes to write what you truly want to, onto a chatbot; the latter will immediately send your information to the sales section. The best part is you do not have to repeat itmany times. Besides that, the chatbot knows your preferences, so it makes use of this information, whenever you need it shortly. Even at various anonymous blog sites,you will come across these live chatbots. This enables you to connect smartly with your anonymous blogger while instilling anonymity.

  • Improve your customer service

It is one of the best options who will never want their valuable clients to:

  1. Eagerly waiting for the operator to answer – “Please stay online, your calling is extremely important to us”, is very annoying, don’t you think so?
  2. Customers who normally search for the proper answer in the section of FAQ – as it is a rule that the online users do not have enough time to scroll dozens of given pages with many instructions.
  • Personalize communication


A live chatbot always answers specific questions of its visitors, rather than displaying a long list of information. Remember, if the potential customer gets full information about a particular product, his/her desire increases to buy it.

  • Repetitive tasks can be automated, make use of a chatbot

It is quite natural, that most of the customers want answers to similar questions like – What are your working hours. What is your exact location? Do you offer deliveries? If you wish to escape from answering the same questions repeatedly, make use of a chatbot. It helps to reduce your staffs’ workload. Chatbots have even paved their way if you are starting an anonymous blog.

  • Improves response rate


It is generally seen that about 90% of asking questions that are sent normally from business pages of Facebook, remains unanswered. A chatbot always responds to full 100% of relevant messages and then converts visitors into genuine buyers. This helps your online business to grow fast and run effectively.

  • Change the nature of marketing strategy

As you all know business is all to reach relevant audiences. Chatbots have a proper means to transform the nature of all your marketing endeavors and thus form customer service planning. They not only save your money but increase your sales and conversion rates too. 

Chatbots are a lot more than just used for business applications. Some of the famous chatbots even offer services like making use of them on anonymous blog platforms. As the true identity of the blogger is not revealed but at the same time any query can be answered satisfactorily. 

This is the reason why anonymous blog matters in all aspects of one’s life. Chatbots are extensively been used in providing customized weather forecasts as well as playing games like trivia quizzes. 

Instead of being the “face” of a business setup or as an anonymous service, which can provide information or play a game, the future of chatbots is to become more and more popular.