Best Tips for Creating Effective Google Ads

Statistics show that 90% of desktop searches happen on Google. This number indicates that Google ads can be an effective marketing method. On top of that, you stand to gain revenue and raise brand awareness.

The biggest problem business owners and their workers usually encounter is actually sitting down and writing the ads. You might have various ideas of effective ads but the biggest problem is that you have to fit the copy in a very tiny space of characters.

To deal with this task easier, you can use Google ads creator from Clever Ads and let the creator do the work for you. Or, as an alternative, you can check out a list of tips we made about creating effective Google Ads.

Consider the End Goal of Visitors

In order to create an effective ad, you need to think about your potential website visitor who will click on your ad. In other words, you have to actually become the customer and imagine what the person would be searching for and what that same person would expect to find as the best end result of his search.

Of course, a lot of your competitors will be doing the same thing and creating many similar ads by using dynamic keyword insertion. Therefore, you need to think of a way that will help you stand out from the crowd.

So for example, if you are an interior designer and your potential client is searching for something like “what are the best ways to plan a small kitchen?”. Here you need to think about what your customer would expect to find as an end result for this question. So a good example of what you could write on your ad could be “Examples of best small kitchen designs”.

Try Using Countdown Timer

There is an interesting psychological fact that people are more likely to want something they might lose than something that is super easy to get. This factor is called loss aversion and you can implement it to your Google ads writing to significantly increase the conversion rates and click-through rates.

Google has a countdown timer that you can easily use while creating your text ads. What you need to do is set an end date that will trigger a real-time countdown. So when people will see your ad with an offer and a timer countdown included, they will be more likely to click on it because they will be afraid to lose the deal you are offering.

An example of how you could use the countdown for your own advantage is taking a popular holiday or an important birthday of your company and announce it “the week of special offers up to 50% off”. This way your potential customers will see the time ticking away and will be more motivated to check out your offers.

Keep up with the Latest Trends

In other words, you need to keep your ads relevant time-wise. Probably all of us have seen some ads in our lifetime where the information is not updated or simply not up to the latest trends and something just feels off.

If you are interested in learning more about SEO, you probably know that content is the backbone of SEO, therefore the copy of your ad is the backbone of Google Ads as well. There are many criteria that the copy needs to meet, but being up-to-date and current is one of the most important ones.

Therefore the more current your ad is, the more traffic it will generate. There are many ways you could apply this tip and it highly depends on your business type, but try to be as recent as possible. For example, if you are a logistics company, you could mention how many deliveries you have made in the last month to show off how big, effective, and trustworthy your business is.

Think About Numbers

One of the most particular elements you can use in your copy is numbers. Numbers play a huge role in overall marketing copy and can have a huge influence on the customer’s decisions.

You can use numbers to highlight different topics in your copy. It could be the number of discounts, years of experience, number of employees in your firm, your rate on some important listing, or anything else that you think is important in your business field.

The secret is that the more specific you get, the better your Google ad will perform. Try using even more important facts, numbers, and statistics than just only one number.