Where To Find Industrial Control Panels

Automation is the way of the future when it comes to production. Incorporating automotive systems into your company can increase productivity and reliability, ensuring your products or goods are delivered on schedule while also meeting quality standards. Additionally, you can reduce costs and downtime, as your system can catch errors quickly and prevent prolonged malfunctions. On top of that, workplace safety soars, as machines can now tackle jobs that previously put employees at risk. Emerson’s Programmable Automation Controllers come in a wide variety of configurations to support scalable automation while reducing downtime in your production. You can check out their website for more detailed information.

When it comes to automation, there is one element that every system requires, regardless of its size or complexity: the industrial control panel. Designed and utilized for the control of mechanical machinery and equipment, industrial control panels allow you to start production at the push of a button. Many companies specializing in industrial automation, such as cdncontrols.ca, pride themselves in the quality of their control panels and strive for their product to make a positive impact on your operation. But how do you begin the search for finding a company that can supply you with an industrial control panel? Let’s explore where you can find industrial control panels.

Conduct A Web Search

The first, and perhaps most obvious, step is to conduct a web search. By simply typing “industrial control panel” into Google, you’ll instantly be provided with several solid options to start with. While not every company or provider will be the perfect fit for what you need, the first few pages of Google typically mark the most popular choices that people turn to.

To narrow down your search, consider adding your location, such as your city or even neighbourhood, into the Google search. This will provide you with companies and providers close by, which you may find beneficial, particularly if you require them to install the industrial control panel for you. Additionally, having that same company available to service or maintain your panel later on allows you to feel more confident that the technicians understand your system.

Get A Referral

If possible, speak to friends, colleagues, and other individuals who work in the automation industry. Not only can a trusted opinion point you in the right direction, but it can also give you a boost of confidence that you are going with a service provider that is respected enough to be suggested. Additionally, learning from those around you what they like, or even dislike, about their industrial control panel can help you refine your search.

For example, there are two different types of industrial control panels: open and closed. As the names suggest, open control panels have the field wiring terminals, internal wiring, and components installed on a subpanel without an enclosure; a closed panel, meanwhile, includes an enclosure. Perhaps learning how each type benefits those around you can help you decide which provider to turn to.

Explore Top Sites

Once you have a shortlist of options, make sure you do your research! Deep dive into their websites and explore what services they offer. All companies have small variations, so finding the one that makes the most sense for your business is crucial. Odds are, if you find a company that is able to provide you with an industrial control panel that you like, they will also be able to assist you with other elements of your automation system. By taking the time to gather information and narrow down your choices, you can feel confident that the winner is a company you can turn to in the future for other services.

When it comes to finding an industrial control panel, some services that companies can provide include:

  • Panel design and manufacturing
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Product replacements and upgrades
  • Integration with PLC/DCS/RTU
  • Control network design
  • Panel assembly and wiring
  • Product testing and compliance
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Commissioning support
  • 24/7 emergency response

An industrial control panel is an integral part of your automation system, so make sure the company you select places just as much importance on it as you do!