What Should You Check For SEO Audits?

SEO audit is a way to map the performance of your website based on different SEO metrics. It also helps you find ways to boost your website presence with better SERP and page rankings. Hence, website owners need to use a good SEO audit tool regularly to get detailed reports on how their website is performing and how the sites need improvement.

But does it work? How does it help? You have to use the tool properly and check different aspects of your site to get a clear picture of what you need to do with the site.

Here are a few factors that you must check during SEO audits for effective SEO success-

Get Details on the Competition

Business equals competition. If your website needs more business, it should lie ahead of its competitors to gain more attention from internet users. The best way to check competition is to check how the competitor websites are performing.

Hence, during an SEO audit, go for detailed research. Check how the keywords of your site are performing against the competitor sites. Check if there are any scopes for improvement in the keyword strategies.

Additionally, check the backlink situation. If SEO audit is done right, you can even replace the backlinks for your competitors to get prime snippets and featurettes.

Check the Quality of the Content You Offer

Contents are an essential part of SEO. With proper content, you can gather traffic to your website. It also helps in keyword placement and increases the visitor retention rate. Moreover, informative contents are often attention grabbers, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

While doing an SEO audit, you need to check on the content relevance and performance. Check if the content is consistent and relevant to the searches. Additionally, check if the content is designed with useful information and keyword placement.

Check the User Experience Sector

People love a user-friendly website that is navigable, loads faster and offers everything more straightforwardly. If your site has a proper and user-friendly design, it will get prime page ranking easily. While performing SEO audits, it is always important to check if the site design is user-friendly. For example, check if your website has any spam links or useless backlinks. Additionally, look for loading time. If the loading time is more than 10 seconds, try improving it and making your page a fast-loading one.

On top of that, check the content quality and website design to get a clear report. A mobile-friendly design will quickly boost nearly 50% of traffic.

Try to look for 404 errors and other technical errors that can hamper the user experience. Such errors often cause the viewer to abandon a page. Hence, optimize the pages properly.

Another way is to look for favicons. Clear and high-resolution favicons help your viewers to find your page easily. Hence, always make sure to check the favicon performance.

SERPWizz offers tools that help SEO audits by checking user interface design, keywords, and other factors.


SEO audit is essential to keep your website page relevant and high grossing. It also helps in retaining the viewer base as well. Use a good-quality SEO audit tool for this purpose.