What Makes An Insider Threat?

Employees have caused attacks against previous employers. These insider threats are
increasing in both damages and costs, making them a problem that needs to be dealt
with immediately.

Based on a CA report, 50% of the organizations surveyed stated that they’d
experienced an insider threat problem within the past 12 months. 25% of them reported
that they were suffering from frequent insider threats. In fact, over 90% of those
organizations reported that they felt vulnerable after the attacks.
Insider threats can take on many forms. It can start as an accidental insider who
releases critical information. Or the imposter can be an outsider that wants money or
revenge. While spotting these internal threats can be time-consuming and difficult, you
need top check the warning signs that can alert you of a potential incident and before
the data leaves your network’s boundaries.

On average, a successful insider threat will cost your organization $600,000. So we’ll
give you some tips on how to make effective insider threat detection systems so that
your company can operate securely.

Strict Passwords

An insider threat can easily occur if there is a weak password. You want your employee
passwords to have a mixture of numbers, symbols, and capitalization. This keeps your
passwords safe and reduces the chances of an outsider from accessing and taking your

All of your employees need to enter strict credentials that personalizes them. Give each
of your employees a Unique ID and password. Use the best password practices and
security practices to ensure that the passwords are only known by authorized members.
Implement a Secure Backup Process

You need to implement a mailbox and file archiving system. Configure and implement a
backup system that and make a backup policy that allows for a complete backup
monthly. And you should test your disaster recovery plan.

If a part of the recovery and backup process is outsourced, then you’ll need to account
that a malicious insider is employed by one of your trusted business partners. So you
need to make a backup process to ensure that your organization stays safe from insider
threats and attacks.


A surveillance system will give you a better view of what happens in your organization.
You can find users that are not working, or doing suspicious acts behind a closed door.
Thus, giving you a more responsive system and better accident protection.

Monitor all of the important facilities by implementing security cameras with night vision
and motion sensors. Use screen capture technology that’s used on all of the devices
and critical servers that are owned by authorized users.


The quality of your security will determine the outcome of your organization. You will
have to create a system that removes threats and alerts you when they are present. So
start by making your organization more coherent and active at protecting your assets.
By doing this, you can have an integrated system that’s able to stop future attacks with
ease. Conclusively, start using insider threat detection systems to ensure that your
company still operate after an insider threat crisis.