What Is the Benefit of LinkedIn Video Marketing?

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking platform that has helped businesses connect with potential clients and customers. Targeted video marketing on LinkedIn has successfully created top-of-the-funnel sales and allowed companies to grow within a professional community. People spend more time watching a video than consuming written content, making video marketing an essential driver for brand marketing and promotion.

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B platform and largely influences professional engagement and buying decisions. The combination of professional networking and video marketing is huge for reaching the target audience. In a nutshell, we will provide numerous benefits of video marketing through LinkedIn and how it impacts the business reach.

Supports three forms of video

LinkedIn, as a B2B platform, supports three formats of videos. Each video form has its own set of advantages that influence conversion and sales.

  • LinkedIn Shared Videos are easy to share by copying and pasting an external video link. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professionals from various industries and businesses to share informative posts. Adding an external video link to the content positively impacts the post. SEO optimizes the post with relevant keywords to increase visibility and organic traffic.
  • LinkedIn Native Videos – LinkedIn accepts shared videos by embedding an external link, but the algorithm supports the native videos more. You can upload a native video from your system to your LinkedIn page and add text to the post, making it more visible to the audience.
  • LinkedIn Video Ads – The ads are sponsored and paid videos by businesses on the feed. These videos are different from the native videos as they are well-targeted and optimized for a niche audience. Such videos have the potential to reach the maximum audience, driving brand awareness and organic traffic.

Provides better customer insights

Once uploaded, the video’s performance is tracked with the help of the metric or in-built analytics. LinkedIn videos are known to provide better customer insights and understanding of the reach of each video. Identifying the demographics and customer insights further helps fine-tune the upcoming video content for better and advanced targeting.

Increases engagement and reach

LinkedIn has a vast network of professionals and has helped brands connect with the target B2B audience through video marketing. Linkedin video ad have generated huge impressions, making them visible to a larger audience. People are likely to consume more videos, which offer higher engagement than text posts.

Provides high ROI on video ads

Video ads on LinkedIn are paid or sponsored video content with an advanced audience targeting level. Creating educational or information video ads and targeting them to the audience helps to drive better conversion and create a sales funnel. Investing in video ads for LinkedIn is an effective way to get the best ROI with an affordable marketing budget. As it drives more traffic, it helps grow revenue for the company. The video ads help make the best use of the platform with the help of extensive user data.

Grab the interest with versatile videos

LinkedIn is a networking platform for businesses; hence, a certain level of professionalism is required in the videos. Here is some effective video content that engages the B2B audience on LinkedIn:

  • Webinar or online event – If you are organizing a webinar or event, a video on LinkedIn announcing the event or a recap of the event will help drive traffic. It is quite effective for better lead generation.
  • Trending industry news – Market news and industry information grab customers’ attention. Create short videos related to the latest news about the industry and keep the audience informed.
  • Brand story – The audience is often intrigued about a business or brand. Telling the brand story is a great way to let people know about your company and how it started.
  • Announcing new launches – LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that plays a pivotal role in connecting with the relevant B2B community. Creating product launch videos create the necessary buzz.
  • Live streams – The live videos on LinkedIn are pretty powerful for engaging with industry professionals in real-time.
  • How-to video content – The how-to content is educational and informative, which helps build a strong sales funnel.
  • Testimonials or reviews – The testimonial or product review videos on LinkedIn are a great way to build consumer trust and brand credibility.

Developing an effective video marketing strategy for LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides enormous opportunities for businesses to use videos as a point for marketing and promotion. It is, however, crucial to optimize the LinkedIn marketing videos to increase the reach, visibility, and engagement through effective strategies:

  • Instead of posting shared videos on LinkedIn, opt for native videos. The embedded videos have less engagement as the algorithm favors more of the native videos. It is also backed by the auto-play in-feed that helps gain exposure and generate better engagement.
  • Most people watch video content or use a smartphone to scroll through LinkedIn. This makes it crucial to optimize the video for mobile phones. Use square video format as it is responsive for smartphones.
  • Make sure to use relevant subtitles in the videos so that a global audience understands them. Most people scroll through the feed in mute mode; hence, subtitles are the first point of attraction for the videos.
  • Use well-curated video ads for LinkedIn as it supports advanced audience targeting. The video ads are best in terms of ROI as it is within an affordable budget.
  • LinkedIn is a professional space, and hence it is required that the videos are well shot and cater to B2B consumers. Invest in good equipment and gears, opt for good lighting, and plan the video content before shooting. Make sure the videos are informative and well-researched.
  • The end goal of the videos on LinkedIn is to drive organic traffic, lead conversion, and ultimately result in higher sales. Always add a relevant CTA (click-to-action) to redirect the audience to the next step. Encourage social sharing of the video content and drive traffic to the official business website.
  • Use the power of LinkedIn’s analytics to check for key metrics, define the business objective, and analyze the post-performance. Optimizing and improving the video content is easy and convenient based on the analytics.


LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for sharing video content to drive traffic and engagement from B2B customers. As the videos cater to a professional or industrial network, it helps in building a strong sales funnel and brand awareness. If you have a business, it is time to grow and reach out to potential clients with the help of LinkedIn video marketing.