Value Of Migrating People Soft To The Cloud

In 1987, David Duffield founded PeopleSoft, Incorporated, which provided human resource management systems, supply chain management, financial management solutions, enterprise performance monitoring, and customer relationship management. Today PeopleSoft is owned by Oracle, providing e-business software product lines.

PeopleSoft provides an integrated ERP software package to clients, assisting in daily business operations. Many companies use PeopleSoft applications for their Human Resource departments. As a business owner or CEO, it’s high time to migrate your PeopleSoft application to the cloud because it provides tons of benefits that will be discussed further below.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses the internet as a means to store data or information. It involves storage, software, servers, networking, business intelligence (BI), and internet databases over the cloud. Cloud computing services offer more flexibility and are easier to scale than traditional local software installation.

Cloud computing services usually include the following:

  • Cloud-native application development and testing
  • Data analysis
  • Data storage, backup, and recovery
  • Video and audio streaming
  • On-demand software delivery
  • Embedded intelligence

Why Migrate PeopleSoft To The Cloud

Cloud computing helps companies compete fairly and levels the playing field for all business sizes. Any type and size of business can take advantage of cloud computing, which is a modern technology without necessarily spending a hefty amount of money on building an infrastructure.

Check out these important reasons why you should migrate PeopleSoft to cloud.

Hassle-Free Data Backup And Delivery

It’s a challenge generating reliable backups your company can use when the need arises. Customized scripts or manual backup and delivery can be a big hassle. Dependencies on disk space, servers, and offsite storage can further delay and complicate data backup and delivery, which is a necessity. So, you might want to avoid such problems by subscribing to Database Backup Cloud Service or Oracle Database Cloud Service for PeopleSoft.

Here are the data and backup delivery advantages of migrating PeopleSoft to the cloud:

  • Configuration for backup is made easier with just a few clicks.
  • No more concerns or issues about backup storage availability because of Storage Cloud (IaaS) and Database Cloud integration.
  • There’s no need to create or call a data and backup delivery, or DBA team, because all changes can be made on the Cloud portal.

PeopleSoft Remote Monitoring

Because cloud access gives you the flexibility and freedom to access your PeopleSoft app anytime and anywhere, remote access is possible.

Check out the PeopleSoft remote monitoring advantages of cloud:

  • Easy Access: Wherever you are, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can access and monitor all servers and critical services in real-time on the Cloud Portal.
  • Secure Access: Migrating PeopleSoft to cloud makes your data more secure because you don’t have a hard disk or external storage that’s vulnerable to being lost or stolen.
  • Easy Configuration: You can configure alerts and notifications according to your online needs.

Stress-Free Upgrade And Troubleshooting

Cloud computing

When upgrading, you need to update an Oracle Support image. Launch a new PeopleSoft demo by choosing the latest PeopleSoft Upgrade Manager or PUM image as a full instance. You can download and save them to your private images list, and only have to pay when you need them.

For troubleshooting problems, Oracle Cloud provides easy-to-access and understand-fix solutions without the help of specialized IT. Streamlining maintenance activities is easier with the cloud, reducing manual errors and overhead costs.

Great Value For Your Business

Cloud computing technology can transform your business. With more and more companies or businesses moving to cloud computing technology, it’s high time to also consider moving your PeopleSoft to cloud. It’s a great investment that offers tons of business benefits. Just imagine the substantial time, effort, and money that you will be saving with your business processes, which means more time for you to:

  • Focus on business planning to make better business decisions.
  • Meet with your team to create more objective action plans to realize your short-term and long-term business goals. Less time is dedicated to managing software, ensuring they are up-to-date, secure, and accurate.
  • Focus on the needs and demands of your customers through your engagement and sales and marketing strategies.
  • Focus on supervising your upper-level management to ensure all business aspects are in top shape without your HR, production, or any of your departments left behind.


Moving PeopleSoft to cloud is a major breakthrough for companies that were used to traditional software installation. Data backup and recovery, system upgrades, and troubleshooting are made easier. Of course, with less manual work, you have more time to focus on making business plans and decisions.