Using a Virtual Number for Registration Process

Why are people being asked to send codes from SMS? It is obvious — for identification of their personalities. An SMS verify service allows you to undergo this procedure without uncovering your personality. Thousands of people’s acts on the Internet accumulate around their personal phone numbers. All of them are tagged with your personal number. Do you really want that other people could recreate all your interests, demands, and preferences?

Virtual Number Is a Way to Freedom

A person is born to be free from different restrictions. Everyone knows about the freedom of speech, meetings, and associations. But the 21st century brings to an agenda the demand for freedom from monitoring. And while social movements have not yet put forward this demand, IT specialists have already proposed an effective solution to this problem. It is a virtual disposable number for receiving SMS.

What Is the Mission of Virtual SMS Numbers

The main task of disposable virtual numbers for receiving SMS is to confirm certain actions from your side. The phone number SMS verify your personality as it is asked by the party you contact. But it does not disclose your personal telephone number and information.

  • You get a disposable number just for one action, e.g., registering on a certain website. One action for one cent. After it is done, the number ceases to exist.
  • If you are very active on the Internet, you undergo the procedure of registration many times a day. In such a case, you may prefer another tariff plan. It allows you to receive an unrestricted number of SMS from numerous sites. This virtual number is durable and costs 23 cents per day.

Don’t wait until politicians will accept some new laws protecting your privacy in the informational epoch. Use advanced tools that do it automatically. Side with people who respect their freedom and offer you to protect your own. Enjoy a life free from monitoring!