Top Applications That Works on SAAS Platform

In this digital economy era, we are often connected to cloud-based technology or commonly known as SAAS. SAAS is a platform that works to make it easier for you to carry out daily activities. To learn more about it, see the information below:

What is SAAS

Some people may not understand what SAAS is. Without realizing it, you are probably familiar with it since it’s very close to us, for example, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and so on, that only require a few touches on a smartphone or clicks on a PC and laptop.

Software as a service or abbreviated as SAAS, is software that can be used and accessed via the internet without having to purchase programs, systems, or even hardware. Since it’s on a cloud-based server, you don’t need to download software if you want to use it or perform system updates.

But, having a decent amount of protection to prevent something terrible in the future is mandatory. Since it’s an online platform, you can easily protect yourself with a VPN service. Since your location will be changed, no one can easily track your actual address. Plus, you can secure your network with a VPN servers.

To access and use the platform, all you need is the internet. Service providers have also guaranteed the availability and reliability of the application, so as a user, you can immediately use it without having to invest or buy a relatively expensive license.

Top Applications That Works on SAAS Platform

Thanks to the increasingly advanced and rapid development of technology, several companies are taking advantage of the existing platform. SASS business is a business run by a company by utilizing the SAAS technology. In general, the products of the SAAS business can be accessed online, either using an application medium or a browser.

Here are a few examples:

1. Dropbox

You probably heard about Dropbox since it’s commonly used as a storage platform anyone can use. It’s easy-to-use for individuals, or even organizational users. Even when there are a lot of cloud storage options, Dropbox is more preferable thanks to the collaborative tools it has. To get it, users still need to subscribe to certain plans available.

The function is not limited to storage, but also for sending files, synchronization with local folders on the device, putting watermarks on your documents, and many others. Business or institutional users may put their administrators in charge to determine file permissions.

2. Zendesk

Most people know Zendesk for its customer support feature. Zendesk is the best example of SAAS implementation that gives not only generic business service, but also allows users to adjust their own best customization to support a wider range of businesses.

What your platform is, doesn’t matter. Whether it’s just a web hosting business, e-store, or business blog, Zendesk offers their feature to all without any limitations. The customer support feature consists of email, live chat, telephone, social media, and many more. If you want to have the full experience, feel free to upgrade as needed.

3. HubSpot

This platform is actually a bit similar with Zendesk. The only difference is that HubSpot offers wider front end services you may not find in Zendesk. As you know already, Zendesk uses SAAS model to mainly offer customer service function. Meanwhile, HubSpot can become a complete solution for business needs.

It has integration with many other features, covering the areas of marketing, sales, customer support, CRM, and even magement systems. It’s truly viable option for most business, and for convenience purpose, all the features can be obtained with a standalone application.

Users also given a choice for package deal that will cost around $40, which isn’t too much for most companies.

4. Apty

Have you heard about Apty before? This is Digital Adoption Platform with the purpose to help business optimize their business processes. On shirt, it helps people to understand new software applications and encourage them to adapt with the new methods that come with it.

Managers can use this platform to maximize the usage of web-based application used by employees every day. Apty can also be used as a learning zone for employees from companies around the world to study more about web-based applications and excel at their job. By giving this piece of information, the workflow may be smoothen since everyone’s already know what they must do.

5. Google G Suite

The last one on the list is Google G Suite, a platform that we commonly used today. Even when there’s a love and hate relationship with Google, no one denies that Google always makes good stuff.

By implementation of SAAS-based business tools, they’ve successfully created G Suite to help workers and companies alike to smoothen their business processes. It includes a variety of tools and utilities to make a long business process becomes more manageable.

G Suite includes the basic features we’re commonly using, such as Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and other useful applications. You may try the business version which consists of a more accessible version of those applications.

Since the platform is 100% cloud-based, all you need to have is a browser with a decent internet connection. For now, it