Top 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins

The most popular CMS in the market is now WordPress. There are many reasons behind it. One of the main reasons is its compatibility with thousands of free and paid plugins. That helps users to make a fully functional website easily.

Today in this blog I will mention such 5 important WordPress plugins.

1. Yoast SEO

This plugin has 5 million+ active installations as on today. It is a content optimization plugin. Even a great content can’t rank on SERP unless page is optimized for search engines. You can get many useful features in this plugin.

Below are some useful features of Yoast SEO.

  • Title change or add
  • Meta description add
  • Permalink change option.
  • Focus keywords.
  • Content readability analysis.
  • One clicks no-follow/ Sponsored tag use option.
  • Making pages no-follow and no-index option.
  • Rich snippet tags for how to and FAQ pages

All these useful features are available in free version. There are more useful features in the paid version.

This plugin is the best option for bloggers or service websites. But when it comes to an eCommerce website you can use RankMath as the alternative to Yoast SEO. It will help you to optimize the product pages for search engines.

2. Under Construction

This is one of my most recent acquisitions. When working on my client’s websites, it’s nice to be able to have a landing page with a pleasant greeting than just a blank maintenance mode

The Under Construction page was created by Web Factory Ltd. This is such a great plugin that I now use it for my client’s instead of my previous Coming Soon plugin. I just so happen to want to change my theme on my other blog, so it gave me prime opportunity to test drive this plugin.

3. WordFence

There are many Security plugins out there in the WordPress world to help protect our sites. But let me tell you this. No one is like the other. There are about 3 that I would recommend to my clients and use on my own site. However, I find WordFence about the most user-friendly one to configure, as well as, multi-functional with amazing features.

Some free features include:


Scan (Malware)

Live Traffic

Ip Address Tracking and Blocking

Advanced Comment Filter

Monitor Disk Space

and so many more!

Trust me when I say, WordFence has not only saved my sites from malicious attacks, but my client’s as well! Highly recommend you use WordFence if you aren’t already.

4. Social Warfare

Everybody wants to integrate share options in their blog and pages. Social warfare is such a plugin that allow your visitors to share your post or pages. I always recommend it to my client’s and friends.

Social Warfare is always making improvements to its Premium plugin and adding new features! Most recently, they add more Pinterest features to help us Optimize our traffic!

I know if you take a look at the amazing features, you too, will fall in love and just have to purchase your very own license.

5. Comment Approved

Here is another great plugin that I started using a while back. I was having issues with spammy comments and was tired of all the work I had to do to weed through them. Not only did I add a different antiSpam plugin (FV Antispam), I also am now moderating first-time commenters.

I’m sure you’ve left comments on blogs where you were told the comments were being moderated but never received a notification if and when you comment was approved! By using Comment Approved, you can notify, via email, the commenter when you approve their comment. This lets them know:

Your comment was approved (and/or valuable enough)

You should be expecting a reply to your comment

There have been many times I leave a comment only to wonder “Was my comment even submitted?” By using Comment Approved, your readers will at least know that their comment was submitted and pending approval. Don’t leave your readers guessing! Start using this today!