Top 5 cryptocurrency jobs

Have you ever thought of how the perception of work has changed since the beginning of digitalization?

Probably, yes, because the digital age influenced every domain: commerce, medicine, education, finances, etc.

In 2020, no one expected our lives to be changed forever. When the Coronavirus pandemic invaded the world, the necessity of contactless communication became prior. All the businesses were obliged to get into digital transformation. Those who hadn’t had websites before understood the importance of creating them to keep up with the pace. In the financial sphere, cryptocurrency appeared in the driving seat.

In the digital age, cryptocurrency is one of the hottest industries that offers enthusiasts a wide range of career options. There is already a shortage of relevant professionals in the blockchain field due to its importance. For instance, the CEX.IO exchange platform always offers many job opportunities.

Companies having difficulty finding cryptocurrency specialists have a great deal of opportunity for those with skills and experience in the area. The market demand for cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing, so you take advantage of the opportunity!

What is cryptocurrency?

The term cryptocurrencies (or “crypto”) refers to digital currencies used in the online trading of goods and services. Companies have become increasingly interested in creating digital currencies (also called tokens, like those used in arcades).

Bitcoin is by far the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency, though there are over 6,500 different types of crypto coins.

Cryptocurrencies are tracked and recorded on a distributed system of computers called a blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) are attracting many investors because they’re seen as the wave of the future. There is no central bank in cryptocurrency, meaning the value of the U.S. dollar is not governed (and therefore reduced).

What are the requirements for a career in crypto?

Sure thing, to work in such a specific domain, you need to have technical skills. To point out, the capacities you need to dispose of depending on the job you opt for: content writing, PR, management, programming, analytics, customer support, or security assurance.

Hard skills

  • For programming, these could be machine learning, Javascript, artificial intelligence, C/C++, Node.js, etc.;
  • For content writing/PR – philological background, basic financial knowledge, experience in writing and marketing strategy;
  • For analytics, it’s necessary to master financial strategies, regulations, risks; scrutinize political events and weigh other factors affecting the crypto market;
  • For customer support – mastering multiple languages and familiarity with CRM system;
  • For security assurance – know the laws/regulations, have a degree in computer science.

Soft skills you need to possess

As everything connected to the virtual currency changes in a matter of seconds, the persons who work in this field should strive to discover the news and adapt to quick and unexpected changes. What is more, being attentive to the details is a must.

Communication skills are a must for any person working with virtual currencies.

Ambition and enthusiasm are important as well because the sphere demands unique expertise in the domain and constant learning.

Which TOP – 5 jobs are connected to the virtual currency?

Cryptocurrency encompasses a wide range of careers, and you need to try to make the best of your opportunity. Learning a lot, working hard, being curious and persistent, and striving for excellence are something that could make you stand out. By doing this, you will develop the necessary skills in order to find your perfect job, a job that is both interesting and lucrative.

Crypto copywriter/ Content writer

Salary: $55,000+ per year

Public perception of cryptocurrencies is a major factor that determines the success of the industry.

Therefore, companies with an emphasis on blockchain technology are always in need of content writers to keep people engaged and open to using and investing in it. Typically, these jobs require proficiency in English writing.

Security engineer

Salary: $80,000+ per year

The security of blockchains and cryptocurrencies is one of the most important aspects, and companies pay big money to protect their digital assets.

A high-security and rock-solid software system is required for the protection of the business’s information and that of its customers. It is generally required to have a master’s degree in computer science and, depending on the employer, a Security+ certification.

Data analyst

Salary: $100,000+ per year

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in e-commerce due to the blockchain. Besides offering an alternative payment method, cryptocurrencies also make transactions faster, easier to secure and facilitate a more efficient order fulfillment process.

Therefore, cryptocurrency analysts are needed by online retailers to streamline the transition process. It’s generally a project-based job, but you can earn substantial compensation depending on the size and duration of the project.

Software/blockchain developer

Salary: $119,000+ per year

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is relatively new, so companies need business developers to shape their services to meet demand and also make sure opportunities across many industries, like finance and healthcare.

In the cryptocurrency industry, well-trained and experienced business developers can play a key role in creating and closing partnerships. In order to qualify for these jobs, you usually need to have a degree in business or finance.

Blockchain project manager

Salary: $100,000+ per year
Due to its complexity, even business professionals don’t fully understand blockchain technology. Because of this, a lot of companies hire blockchain project managers to ensure their projects are implemented as planned.

In your role as project manager, you are expected to make logical connections between the real world and cryptocurrency. It is essential to understand business processes, cryptocurrencies, and organizational structure in order to achieve business objectives using the new approach. Over $100k per year is the salary for the position.


With fast-developing technologies in our world, crypto-related jobs have become more widespread. Among the most important and popular, we have chosen TOP-5 positions that are in the highest demand and described them. We have mentioned the necessary skills to correspond to each position, as well as the range of salaries paid.