The Top 3 Free Screen Capture Software Reviews

What is Screen Recording Software?

A screen recorder allows you to record and stream from your mobile or computer screen. With the free screen capture software, you can record any part of the screen and keep it as a video or an image. The best screen capturing app will let you create videos and pictures in HD quality.

Using the software, you can capture videos, webinars, games, Skype meetings, and more. You can likewise use the software to record videos from outside devices such as smartphone, IPTV, webcam, and Xbox/PlayStation.

The free screen capture software has come a long way in recent times and there are very few effective tools available that can capture everything that’s occurring on your screen entirely free and without any depressing limitations.

Top 3 Free Screen Recording Software Recommendations

Most people utilize screen capture tools for a streaming video game on sites such as Twitch. Besides, users can utilize the app for planning educational materials and company presentations.

The other advantages of a screen capturing software include drafting a technical manual, designing a storyboard, or collaborating on a project. Followings are the lists of top 3 free screen capture software, with their advantage and disadvantage.

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a strong open-source software for live streaming and video recording. You can make scenes composed of various sources: texts, images, window captures, webcams, browser windows, capture cards, and more and later switch between them seamlessly through custom changes. Unlike many other free opponents, OBS Studio carries a lot of settings and features. But all this can look overkill for those who simply need a quick and straightforward screen capture solution.

OBS Studio is absolutely an ideal choice for gamers and professionals alike, there are other competent options that are worth seeing into. If you just need to capture a few seconds of footage, a more honest tool might be all you want. For more info, visit: 

The following are the pros and cons of this software: 


  • Enables you to set up various scenes and use multiple sources
  • Covers built-in audio converter with per-source filters
  • Provides superior configuration options
  • Does not compute watermarks
  • Has no recording limit
  • Supports various streaming services


  • Some users discover the interface quite clunky
  • The learning curve is abrupt for non-techs 
  • Reported to crash quite frequently
  • Not suited for fast screen recording
  • No video editor

2. DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

The free screen video recorder is full-featured yet lightweight free screen capture software from a developer known for its free translation software. It can capture Skype conversations with no restrictions and is hence useful for Skype meetings and online discussion calls.

Furthermore, various Windows applications can be singled out and recorded as discrete parts. Included is a primary user-friendly image editor that is surprisingly effective for attaining a flawless look.

You can visit their official page:


  • Offers a handy screenshot feature
  • Different styles for recording video and screen
  • Suitable for capturing Skype conversations
  • Step-by-step guidance provided on the website
  • Accessible in 10 languages
  • Output forms include BMP, MP4, TGA, PNG, JPEG, and GIF


  • Microphone sound record only
  • Excessive advertisements may prevent your work
  • Saves recordings to AVI only
  • Lacks a sound interface and built-in media player
  • May install undesired software during download
  • Does not inform users if disconnection occurs

3. ShareX

ShareX is an open-source advertisement-free tool that boasts nearly as many custom characteristics as some paid screen capture software. It is often targeted toward new as well as power users and developers, so a normal customer might get lost in the many exceptional tools and editors.

Since it’s a lightweight software and easy to use, you should try to download and use the software. Visit their official site: for more information.


  • Records window, full screen, monitor, freehand, region, or scrolling
  • Includes hotkeys for quicker and easier navigation
  • Helps many URL sharing services
  • Imports live videos, photos or music
  • Enable custom watermarks and color effects


  • Low quality of the game capture
  • Complicated for the common user
  • Reported to fail while uploading massive files
  • No video editor
  • No webcam recording

Both paid and free screen capture tools can be useful methods of capturing the work-related or fun activities on your PC. However, usually the free tools are lack of some functionalities and support compare to the paid alternatives.


Whether or not you should pay money on one of the tools outlined above depends on the type of your job. Those who are searching for a simple and safe screen recorder for their works, this article will be helpful for them.

If you are really serious on your works or everyday using the software to produce video tutorials or online lessons, you can use the free screen capture software and later upgrade to the premium software. If you need to read reviews on different screen capture software, visit