The Rise of Esports

There have always been video games that have been more popular than others. The simplicity of Pac-Man in the 1980s made it an instant hit and is still loved by many gamers today. But it is the popularity of esports that has really taken over in recent years.

There are millions of players all around the world and competitions and tournaments are so popular that an event in Paris will be a major point of interest with sites concerned with sports betting in Florida. But what exactly is esports? And how did it take over the world?

What is Esports?

In very basic terms, esports is just a simple marketing tool used to describe competitive video gaming. Tournaments and events bring together gamers from all over the world – and there are very often big cash prizes on offer for the very best players.

These competitions have been held since the early 1970s. But it is the online aspect that has made esports what it is today. Anyone can play anyone else anywhere around the world – it is just that the best gamers come together to compete in events specializing in CS:GO, StarCraft 2 and other top titles.


We just touched on one of the big reasons why esports has become the biggest thing in gaming. Like conventional sports, all these games can be played by any fan – whatever level of skill and talent they possess. As long as there is an online connection gamers can play and watch any of the games.

These games are so accessible that they can be played on a variety of devices. The biggest esports tournaments will have the most technical set up imaginable. But individual players can play along on their mobile phones as well.

Gaming Communities

Another major reason why esports has become so popular is that it has helped grow an already thriving gaming community. At a very basic level, gamers can interact with each other while they are playing online. This feeling of community brings together groups of people from different locations.

As well as the ability to live stream the biggest events, there is also the opportunity for gamers to meet their esports heroes at the many tournaments held around the world. This only boosts the feeling of togetherness and community that carries on online after the event finishes.

Gaming Communities

It is not surprising that the best esports gamers have their own legions of fans. Just as the best basketball or football players can count their social media followers in the millions, esports professionals have an equally passionate following. The multiplayer element of many esports also helps with fans becoming supporters of teams.

These supporters can watch their heroes on platforms such as Twitch and cheer them on just like any sports fan would. The big tournaments are then the place where all the drama and excitement comes to a head, allowing the fans to dream that their team or player will be the winner.

Big Money

Of course, the main reason why esports has become the main draw in video gaming is because of the huge amounts of money involved. With the industry passing the $1billion mark and young players dreaming of becoming professionals, it is not surprising that big business has become involved.

If the worldwide audience for esports stands at around 470 million, the money available for prizes and professional salaries is always going to be impressive. The market doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and all the experts confidently forecast that esports will only become more popular in the years ahead.