Speeding Up SEO Analysis With SERP API

We all know how time-consuming it is to build a well-planned SEO strategy. Link building, niche analysis, keyword research, and technical audit all are part of SEO analysis.

In case you need to solve some basic issues and need to analyze data, you can use SEO plugins and extensions that are readily available. However, these SEO extensions come with limited features compared to SEO tools. Then, how would you perform an in-depth analysis?

Only a few people know, but SERP APIs has everything to do with speeding up your SEO tasks. SERP API allows you to get access to the data and insights in your as well as competitor’s website metrics.

Why SEO Expert Need SERP API?

With the right SERP API, the data collection process goes smoothly and with ease. There are some SEO tools that allow users to access their SERP API tools to generate more reliable results. With SERP API, you just request what data you need, and there, you have it. You don’t even have to manage the interface of the tool.

Advantages of SERP API:

  • It is customizable. You can combine and organize several reports with one click as per your task.
  • It helps to fasten the data processing. If you require reports urgently, the speed is something which comes in handy.
  • You can incorporate the analytics along with the business documentation. The research results are provided in a separate document, such as a Google spreadsheet if you want.
  • Instead of searching through various websites and collecting data, SERP API saves your time to conduct analysis in batches.

Tasks You Can Efficiently Solve With SERP API

With SERP API, your SEO research becomes more tractable in comparison to other tools. So, what are the tasks you can accomplish with SERP API, and how to use it for your profit?

Let’s discuss.

Keyword Research And Analysis Of Websites In Batches

When you plan an SEO strategy, comprehensive keyword research and niche analysis come at the top of the list. Some SEO tools can meet these demands. But, if you want to analyze a single keyword or what your competitor is using, you need the SERP API tool.

With a reliable SERP API scraper, conducting keyword research has become much more manageable. The best thing is that the tool works efficiently, even if you don’t know how SERP API works.

The tool comes with keyword research, URL analysis, and domain analysis features to generate reports on related keywords, domain history, competitors, and many more.

Monitoring Backlinks

Link building helps to provide credibility to your website. You can use API tools to analyze the following reports:

  • Anchor texts
  • Whether or not the link is named as nofollow.
  • The backlink data from the past 120 days
  • The date of the link
  • The data of backlink from five years

Content Curation

In SEO, you must know how important it is to remain updated with the latest articles and topics to engage the audience with your content. Also, it is important to track how your content is performing and how you can improve to generate more traffic.

With SERP API tools, you can generate specific reports on your as well as your competitor’s content. With those reports, you can comprehend where you are lacking and what is there to improve.

The standard SERP API comes with five resources, which includes:

  • Find the top influencers. This API tool will help you find the top influencers who can write on a specific topic.
  • Finding the Most Shared Content. With this API, you can receive information about the number of shares on a URL. Thus, you can track the most shared content for a specific keyword or domain name.
  • Finding the Tending articles. With this, the API will provide the articles which are tending.
  • Finding the links shared. The tool will allow you to discover what links a specific influencer has shared.
  • Finding who shared your article. With this API tool, you can find out who shared your content on the social platform for two-three days after your posting.

Performance Metrics

Are you managing a website but not analyzing its performance? You need to know how your website is performing in comparison to your competitor. For that, you have SERP APIs. The tool can provide you with a comprehensive understanding by evaluating your website performance and finding what tactics can work for you the best.

The Google SERP API allows you to perform the following:

  • Provide automated complex reporting tasks to save your time.
  • Request for lifetime and cohort value reports.
  • Request data and metrics in mathematical form.
  • Request for data separated by dates with a single request.

Final Thoughts

It becomes difficult to find a balance between your work and time when you have numerous tasks to solve at hand. You cannot solely rely on SEO tools and extension that comes with standard and limited features.