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Klaxoon is yet another cloud-based tool that can be added to your list of collaborative tools for digital use. Other resources your team might consider to brainstorm sessions. And you are hosting meetings, project management, and agile collaboration.

Klaxoon is an event management software. And a team collaboration program developed to help companies. And manage the engagement of employees, collection of feedback.

And brainstorming activities using a central platform. For more information about Klaxoon, go here https://klaxoon.com/

Klaxoon by using these tools:

  • Templates: FreeTemplates for design thinking, project management, brainstorming, agile group meetings, and more.
  • Tutorials: Find a variety of tutorials on how to use the various functions of Klaxoon.
  • In-person and remote learning: Klaxoon offers several workshops to assist remote teams and those just getting started with the software.

How does Klaxoon work?

Klaxoon is the revolution in the Meeting. The days of boring meetings are gone! With Klaxoon, everybody is involved. Make use of your tablet, phone, or laptop to take part by voting, react, and think inreal-time.

How do you create a Klaxoon?

Make an online network.

  • In Klaxoon Home, Click on Klaxoon Home
  • The Creation pop-up appears.
  • Type in your Network Name (maximum eight characters), Add an image and click Create.
  • The editing screen appears:
  • Inside the Settings box, you can alter your Network’s look and description and then click Save.

 The software Fractures include:

  • Challenge Vote, Storm, Challenge, and Meeting apps: Get your team involved and provide quick feedback, either on-site or remotely. Integrateexisting slide decks into your presentation or design new ones from
  • Meeting. You were meeting app. Use the screen sharing feature. And polling tools to gauge the opinions of your audience in real-time.
  • Brainstorm – brainstorm ideas: plan projects and much more using this whiteboard-like resource. Drawings,Text and photos are displayed immediately. And can be shared. Displayoptions filtering and tags, dimensions, or preferences to sort. Organize data for more efficient brainstorming sessions.
  • Feedback: Create Questions by measuring satisfaction, capturing suggestions. Asking to Gauge progress on the progress of a project, and much more. Please create your question using your Klaxoon interface and forward it to the entire team.

Quiz Survey, Capsule, Adventure, and Mission apps test your team’s skills and share your knowledge. Utilize multiple choices and ranking, fill in the gaps, challenge. And more to boost your team’s feedback and allow them to move at their pace.

  • Ideal for teams located in remote locations: This feature is especially ideal for teams located in remote locations as it lets communications be carried on between meetings. Create a private group to share and host.

 Klaxoon activities

  • Integration with Microsoft productsand Dropbox
  • Klaxoon can help teams work together
  • and stay organized with all these tools, regardless of whether they’re in
  • the same location or across the country (or across the globe).


Klaxoon provides fully featured collaboration tools for meetings. And the communication that aids in virtual design and innovation teams. I hope that this Klaxoon will help you conduct a successful meeting. They can provide direction when interacting with other users.