How to inform Users of Changes on a SaaS distributed Software

Software needs to be updated constantly. Whether it is to fix bugs, to add security patches or to insert new features, editors can’t simply offer their product and then let it be as it is, over a long period of time. When upgrades are being made, they also need to inform all of the stakeholders bout them (end-users, developers, employees and others). To do so, they use a changelog. But there is also a software that exists to create these changelogs. Here is more on how information is transmitted when changes happen on software.

Why are Changelogs Important in SaaS?

The SaaS distribution model offers software hosted on cloud-based servers. Thay are made available to customers over the internet freely or on a subscription basis. This is often the method of choice for software editors, as it is easy to access (through the internet) and it helps users to save space on the hard drive of their computer. It can also be updated regularly so that it is always up-to-date when a new user decides to start subscribing to it. But that doesn’t mean that a changelog is not necessary. In fact, editors are obliged to inform users and all who work with or on it, of the modifications that are being made through a changelog.

But there is also changelog as a service on SaaS. It is meant to help companies prepare the information that they will pass on to everyone using their software, in a way that is easy to read and understand. How changes are explained is key to the continued success of software. If users don’t add the new features to their routine when working on the software, simply because they don’t know it is available, it is possible that they end-up using another one that they feel is more complete, even though it may not be the case.

Why SaaS Software are More Efficient for Users in Regards to Updates

In the world of SaaS, changes to software can be made quickly. In fact, new features are often added in real-time and bugs are being fixed immediately. Since these software are accessed through the internet, there are no download necessary to benefit from software updates or patches. Every time someone uses it, they have access to an updated version of the software. This quality also means that the use of a changelog is even more important to users, as they need to be updated frequently to understand the developments of the software in real-time. Changelogs are also the tool that communicate changes and update users on ongoing improvements of the software as it takes place.

Therefore, we can conclude that although SaaS software is more efficient for users in regards to updates, changelogs are particularly important in this model because customers are always using the latest version of the software. And so, any updates, new features, bug fixes or other improvements to the software need to be communicated to customers through a changelog, as soon as it takes place.