How to dedicate less time to social media and anonymous Instagram story viewer

We live in a very controversial paradox era, when the question of how to dedicate less time to social media is absolutely normal and relevant. The answer seems so simple. Just spend less time on social media, that’s it. However, all of us know how difficult this may really be. Social media is addictive, and one of the main factors is that we basically don’t have a choice. Staying away from social media is an option only if you can afford different information sources. Deleting your Instagram or Facebook page puts you at the risk of looking out the window and not understanding what’s happening.

That’s the way our modern world encourages our addiction to social media. Information is traveling very fast, and being up-to-date is vital when it comes to almost all life spheres. Dedicating less time to social media is a matter of inner strength and self-discipline. The internet is meant to do everything to keep you surfing longer and longer. We will show you some tips you can develop the self-control mechanism and spend less time scrolling your feed. However, if you consider an option of quitting social media completely, we have something for you as well. Anonymous Instagram story viewer by Inflact will give you the opportunity to watch Instagram stories even if you don’t have your own Instagram account. Ig viewer is absolutely private and free, so you can use it anytime.

Battle procrastination

Procrastination is one of the best friends of your social media addiction. It’s funny and ironic how the internet has made this word so popular. If you don’t know what procrastination is, you are definitely not addicted to social media, so you can stop reading this article and start sharing your wisdom and methods with other people. Procrastination is a tendency to postpone important tasks, which require your attention, in order to do something useless. For example, when you’re scrolling TikTok instead of working, you are definitely procrastinating. Social media is always available. That’s why it is the first thing which comes to mind when you need to waste your time to postpone a task.

Battling procrastination is basically the same thing as battling social media addiction. Try to focus on your tasks and goals, imagine the sense of relief you will experience, when the task you’ve been scared of is done.

The video you’re watching will never disappear, it will always be available. But that important task has its deadlines.

Schedule is key

People usually get lost when they don’t know what to do. When you have all of your activities planned, it will reduce the anxiety you may feel before starting the work. If you have a certain timing, you will understand clearly, when you need to dedicate your time to important tasks instead of scrolling your social media. Making a plan will make you more organized.

The schedule will also show you how much time you actually waste on social media.

First, complying with the list will be difficult, but then you will definitely adjust to these new conditions.

Time controlling apps

If you doubt your self-discipline abilities, use time-controllers. There are a lot of them you can find in the App Store and Play Market. They can put restrictions on the usage of certain apps, so that you can control the time you spend on social media. The most difficult thing about that is actually stopping the scrolling. No app can do that for you. Apps can only give you a signal. Time controlling apps can only help you to develop your self-discipline.

Hobby and fresh air

Those old-fashioned things are the most useful weapons, when it comes to battling social media addiction. The more fulfilled and interesting your real life is, the less time you spend on social media. Find yourself a nice hobby, dedicate more time to it, start jogging, do the evening walks, go out with your friends more. Remember, that social media is just an addition to our real life, which is meant to make it more comfortable.

Life is beautiful and full of fascinating experiences. The illusionary world of social media can make you miss this fact.

Social media has become a casual part of our routine. However, it’s just a part of it. Living in real life requires effort nowadays. Practice mindfulness, and you will gradually overcome your social media addiction.