Ecommerce SEO 101: How To Improve Your Organic Search Rankings

The dawn of the internet and technological advancement allows customers to shop online. It also gives them more freedom to decide which company or brand to choose. And this has brought about intense competition among companies with similar offerings.  

One of the practical ways to connect with more customers and stand out in the market is to improve your company’s organic search rankings. Most businesses establish a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to make their sites more visible to consumers. 

You can search online for practical tools to enhance your online visibility. Implementing various strategies can help your website rank better or appear on the first page of search results. The key to improving your organic search ranking is to build an accessible bridge for your target consumers to reach you. 

Here are some ways to enhance your company’s organic search rankings:

1. Keyword Research 

Matt Jackson recommends researching transactional keywords for your e-commerce product and category pages, as these are much more likely to drive sales. Keyword research is the first step when building an SEO strategy for your business. It’s searching for popular words and phrases consumers type into search engine tools to look for information. 

The right keywords enable your content to rank better online. As a result, customers searching for products or services you sell can quickly find you. You can employ various ways to identify keywords for your SEO marketing strategy. 

One option is to use online tools. You can use various keyword research tools to develop more relevant keyword ideas. However, using the best application is wiser. Another way to identify keywords is by listing essential topics you want to write about your business. 

You can create about ten topics and use them to develop specific keywords for your content. You can also study your competitors to determine which keywords they use in their content. 

2. Create Good Content

When planning for your SEO and organic search engine ranking strategies, always remember good content attracts the target audience to a website. It also improves brand engagement and reduces bounce rates. Besides, quality content has a high chance of going viral. Most search engine tools appreciate virality and reward it in their ranking algorithm.  

To ensure your content ranks high on the search engines, you must first identify your target customer’s problems. Consumers are constantly searching for solutions to their problems. Offering solutions to your customers’ problems through your content can improve your ranking. 

Your online content must be relevant to your clients and help them address their needs. Once you understand their problems, invest in good writers. You can find most from the top-rated content creation agencies. They can produce quality content to help your company website become more visible online.  

Ecommerce SEO

3. Establish Backlink Strategy

Another SEO strategy you can employ to enhance your organic search rankings is to establish a backlink strategy. It involves linking your content to other resources or websites. It helps consumers find more information about your products. 

The more backlinks you create, the better the chances are for your content’s visibility. However, finding quality backlinks from reputable or highly authoritative sites is best. Hence, creating a backlink strategy improves your organic search rankings. It can make a difference in how consumers perceive your content. 

Backlinks from reputable sites can increase your site’s credibility. They can also help generate more new traffic from referral sites and drive them into your store. All these make people customers become aware of your brand. As such, they’ll likely prefer your brand whenever they shop for products or services.  

4. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Lastly, make your website mobile user-friendly to improve your organic search rankings. Today, most online searches happen through mobile devices. Many customers use mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets to shop than desktop computers. Therefore, optimizing your site for mobile can drive more traffic to your online store.  

Most search engine tools consider mobile-friendliness when ranking websites. If your site is mobile-friendly, it can rank higher than those that need to be optimized. 


You must ensure your brand has a robust online presence to overcome competition. This way, you can become more visible, increasing your chances of generating more sales. However, it requires you to improve your organic search rankings. 

Investing in search engine optimization is the best way to boost your online ranking. Keyword research, building quality content, establishing a backlinking plan, and optimizing the website for mobile devices are SEO strategies to enhance your organic search rankings.