Ecommerce Businesses Need Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Successful Operations

Salesforce has made it possible for people to build their branded e-Commerce sites with one subscription that encompasses all your marketing, e-Commerce, and CRM needs, as well as several others. This is made possible with the introduction of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, an e-commerce platform for small to medium businesses and large enterprises.

This post will introduce you to the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud    and Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting for your operations.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud? 

Some things to consider when choosing between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and other similar platforms include the scale of your e-commerce business, the pricing and delivery model that you would prefer for an e-commerce platform, how many e-commerce websites and mobile apps you are planning to create, and what kind of specialists you have in your team that take care of e-commerce software.

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

There are different features obtainable depending on the edition of Salesforce Commerce Cloud you use, whether it is the Business to Business (B2B) version or the Business to Customer (B2C) edition.

Features for B2B Commerce version

  1. Advanced ordering features, including fast ordering and reordering templates, making orders on behalf of sales and service, multiple payment methods and carts, as well as split shipping throughout multiple locations.
  2. Improved user experience comprising personalized coupons and promotions, multiple contract ordering and accounts, streamlined promotion management, as well as a responsive design.
  3. Platform features ensure a customized experience in terms of a single customer view, added cache storage, reports and dashboards in real-time, automated lighting flow, order history, platform development, multiple channel orders, and RESTful APIs featuring services separated into components.
  4. Improved search functions such as search engine optimization, guided navigation, and site search.
  5. Site localization such as language and currency localization, global scalability and support, hosting, performance, and security.

Features for B2C Commerce version

  1. Improved innovations, including a shopping cart, reference applications with full features, certified integrations, and checkout.
  2. Growth-driven features such as site localization and multi-site management, performance, security, and global scalability, as well as business tools and experiences powered by Artificial intelligence.
  3. Foremost marketing tools, including A/B testing and native targeting, marketing and merchandising tools, content and campaign management, as well as pricing and catalogue management, search engine optimization, and guided navigation alongside site search.

Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to online businesses

This multi-tenant platform called Salesforce Commerce Cloud is SaaS-based and its technical features are handled solely by the Salesforce team who handles security, server maintenance, and everything else.

Retailers can enjoy more personalized interactions with their customers due to the 1:1-level customer experience provided by AI-powered Einstein.

Retailers can also increase their order value using Einstein Analytics to showcase their products. You will also be informed about items that are less popular, for better order management.

The integration of A/B testing helps to improve merchandising, just as localization makes it possible to leverage multiple languages, currencies, and storage.

The user-friendly interface of this Cloud is amazing and different, coupled with its mobile-friendly nature.

Your content and order management becomes simpler, thanks to the multi-channel feature. You can manage several workflows at a time with the Lightning Order Management feature.

Einstein uses the location of the user to suggest relevant information that helps you reach your target audience easier.

The Endless Aisle feature can help you unify your physical and online stores so that customers can get products that are out of stock at their given location. With this integration, you can ship such items to the home of the buyers or a store closest to them for pick up. The result of this is better sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Zero coding skills are needed to build a branded e-Commerce site 

If you have been doing business on e-Commerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify, you would have had to build your website from scratch, which will cost you time and money because you need to hire a developer who will create the website and maintain it.

However, you can now say goodbye to all those stressful aspects because the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform takes away the need to build your site from scratch as everything is built-in. All you need to do is focus on maintaining your website and pursuing your business goals.

Brimit is a Salesforce Partner with certification and expertise in the creation of e-commerce solutions with top-notch performance. They offer Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting to assist B2B and B2C businesses to grow their online presence and personalize their customer experiences. The experts from Brimit will share their insight with you if you plan to move your company to Commerce Cloud so that you can leverage its products and capacities to the fullest.