The Major Ways SRE Can Transform IT Ops

Traditional kinds of IT operations are not able to function at the speed of any modern software delivery. For this reason, site reliability engineering is one of many new approaches that are growing in popularity across industries.

Even so, site reliability engineering is still dramatically different from any IT operations before. This approach focuses primarily on the error budget, and the ability to ultimately eliminate bad software.

With that said, here are the major ways an enterprise can benefit from SRE.

Managed Services Allow For Easy SRE Adoption

Instead of hunting endlessly for SREs in the job market, you could reach out to a managed service provider of SRE. Even though Google pioneered SRE, some managed service providers like ServiceNow are excellent choices for outsourcing.

When outsourcing this area of IT operations, adoption is quick and easy while department expenses are minimal.

Designing IT Ops

Professionals on SRE teams are generally IT operations professionals with solid software development expertise or software developers with advanced IT operations knowledge. Regardless, SRE teams use software to solve problems.

When SREs need to undertake the same manual task more than a couple of times, they can create software to automate the task.

Focusing On The Error Budget

Right at the core of the SRE methodology is the service level objective run by the team. The product manager must select a suitable SLO that offers up enough margin of potential downtime to consider any unpredictable issues when delivering updates at the rate end users will expect.

With this, because service downtime is measured accurately with tools, there’s no need to debate figures. A suitable SLO approach will also encourage the adoption of transaction monitoring, a practice that’s great for customer-centric systems.

IT Ops Is Exceptionally Valuable

Site reliability engineering is a highly-skilled expertise, and these experts are also short in supply. But IT Ops should never be considered a cost center as it is more of a value center to any organization. IT Operations can help reduce downtime while maximizing revenue and improving service availability.

Expanding IT operations with even a small SRE footprint is a great way to add value to an organization through IT Ops.

SRE Can Initiate Cloud-Native IT Ops

For an organization considering moving to cloud-native platforms, the range of choices for automation and team responsibilities can be understandably overwhelming. There’s an array of different ways to do DevOps, which makes it confusing, but partially because the context makes quite a difference.

Focusing on platform development and reliability expertise allows the efficient development of both components. The SRE model showcases a transparent set of best practices and team dynamics that works great, even for large organizations.

So, if you’re an organization that wants to move quickly to cloud-native IT Ops, adopting SRE cloud work is an excellent approach.

There are so many ways that SRE can transform IT Ops in an organization. And because managed services are available, adopting SRE is easier than ever.