Digital Transformation for Businesses: How to Find an SAP Partner

Staying ahead in the very competitive environment across any industry requires continuous updates that include the implementation of the most advanced technologies, such as cloud software for the automation of routine workflow procedures and powerful analytical instruments. This is where SAP software comes to the stage — the tried-and-true ecosystem of advanced solutions for enterprises of any scale.

The trustworthy SAP Solution Partner can scale up the company’s efficiency, improve customer experience, and move upwards the profit-earning capacity.

Why Do Businesses Benefit from Digital Transformation?

To stay achievement-oriented and earn the competitive advantage in the fast-evolving market, businesses have to go digital and streamline daily processes to the utmost. The customer-oriented business environment is commanding — the faster you react to customer requests and process orders, the higher your chances of building an indeed loyal audience and/or a customer base. But this is upon the sole condition — the quality of service should meet ever-growing customer requirements. In our technology-dominative world, you can’t stick to traditional manual document processing and guess-based prospects. Hence, the only solution is to go digital; furthermore, you need solutions that can be scaled up.

This is where SAP comes into the stage: you can select an SAP solution that fits your company. The right SAP partner can tailor the software to address industry-specific needs to ensure a reliable foundation for future business growth.

CLARITY, an SAP Solution Provider, guides its clients throughout the entire digital transformation process, from initial consulting and selection of the best solution to meet unique business needs to customization of the software, end-to-end implementation, employee training and guidance, and technical support.

What Is SAP? What SAP Solutions Do You Need for Business?

SAP is a well-known software development company established in 1972 in Germany. Nowadays, SAP is an indisputable leader in the niche of business process management software.

The company has developed solutions for managing all major business processes and functions, including ERP (the acronym stands for “enterprise resource planning”), human resource management, analytics, data integration, supply chain management, etc.

The software helps to optimize business performance by seamless integration and automation of crucial workflow processes. Offering centralized data storage, SAP solutions help to accelerate routine processes and ensure accurate real-time analysis for diverse business functions. With AI-powered insights, businesses can make faster and better-informed decisions, which is crucial in the highly competitive landscape.

As the SAP ecosystem of solutions and partners grows, businesses do look for a reliable partner. SAP has established the Competency Framework so that enterprises can select a partner given the competency, experience, and specializations of SAP software providers.

SAP partners are divided into several tiers based on competence and experience:

Essential. This level means that a partner has successfully passed the required training and has the necessary expertise with at least one SAP product. To achieve the Essential status a partner has to demonstrate and prove successful delivery of projects.

Advanced. Partners of advanced level have proved their competence with several SAP products through multiple customer projects. Cooperation with an advanced partner opens access to advanced integration capabilities.

Expert. The highest level of competency is proved by multiple projects and customer success. An SAP expert partner has the expertise in end-to-end transformation and customization of products to address unique business requirements.

What factors to consider while selecting an SAP partner?

  • Competency and specialization. Look for a partner with expertise and experience in your industry. Ask for references. Opt for a company that has successfully delivered projects in your industry and has positive reviews.
  • Portfolio. The expertise should be confirmed by successfully delivered projects. Customer success serves as an indicator of the competency and experience of the company.
  • Regional specialization. Within a single industry, there are regional challenges and concerns. Make sure that a chosen partner fully understands regional specifics.
  • Customization. Some providers offer standard packages, while others can customize the solution and develop unique integrations to address unique business requirements. If you need a custom-tailored solution, ensure that a selected company has the expertise and resources to deliver customized solutions.
  • Customer support. Continuous customer support is a crucial factor when it comes to digitalization. You need a partner who will stay by your side and ensure the seamless performance of the solution.
  • Demo. Some providers offer a “test drive” — they demonstrate how the business will change with the implementation of SAP products. This practice allows you to see how the system will change operational processes. Understanding how your business will work after the transformation is crucial, so look for a partner that helps you see how the system can change your business.

How to choose the right partner?

  1. Determine the set of requirements and goals for transformation.
  2. Examine an SAP partner, including the competency level within the SAP network and the company’s portfolio.
  3. Study customer reviews thoroughly through third-party platforms.
  4. Consider an array of additional services the company offers.

Why Choose CLARITY as an SAP Partner?

When on the lookout for a partner to entrust the digital transformation of your business, you do look for the highest competence and experience in delivering successful projects within your niche.

As an SAP Expert partner, CLARITY has an impressive portfolio of delivered projects. CLARITY experts implement deep solution and industry knowledge to ensure the best results: from the initial development of a Quote-to-Cash roadmap and custom-tailored IT architecture to the implementation of an outcome-based model and continuous support to accelerate transformation and scale up business efficiency.

Key benefits of cooperation with the CLARITY team:

  • The expert competency level. CLARITY is an SAP Expert partner.
  • Successful delivery of projects across a wide range of industries.
  • The team of professionals with expertise and experience in business transformation.
  • Superior customer service. At CLARITY, we stick to open communication with customers and building lasting relationships.