Choosing the best wide brim sun hat for women – Things to keep in mind

Women and style accessories go hand in hand! It’s because women love to dress up. However, things are slightly different when women need to choose a hat. Today, hats form an essential part of the fashion scene, and every woman has their favorite hat types that complement their look and facial features. However, the wide brim hats for women have become popular today. And one of the famous wide brim hats is the sun hat.

Every woman would want to possess a sun hat. But today, there are so many options online and offline that it becomes challenging to narrow down to the best sun hat. Women need to consider the hat shape, material, and brim size to choose the best wide brim sun hat.

The Brim Size

The hat’s brim size is a primary factor in the degree of UV protection that the sun hat offers. Today, most physicians and fashion experts suggest that the brim should be three or more inches. There are sun hats that have a brim size of eight inches. Hence, the brim size is essential when it comes to blocking out the UV rays.

The Hat Shape

The hat’s brim and shape also impact its ability to block UV rays. In specific environment’s there might be reflected or dispersed UV. And the dispersed UV can get bounced beneath the sun hat brim and strike the areas on the lower side of the face, like your cheeks and chin. Generally, the hat brims that sit closer to the face and curve down usually offer better protection against the reflected UV. If you want to get maximum sun protection, it’s ideal to use sunscreen on the lower face region and wear a wide brim sun hat.

The other way to stay secured from a reflected UV is to sport a flap hat. The wide brim sun hats that come with flaps can keep your skin secured from the harsh reflected UV rays, where the hat’s fabric lies on the skin, like the neck and ears. Few sunblock hats come with flaps and an extended neck flap that can wrap to your face front. It can offer excellent security to your cheeks and chin from the harsh sun rays.

The hat material

The other essential factor for UV rays protection is the hat material used to make the wide brim sun hat. It would help if you always searched for a wide brim hat made from the material rated UPF 50+. The cotton canvas fabric usually offers good to excellent protection from the sun. This fabric will successfully block most of the direct UVB and UVA that falls on it. On the other hand, the straw hats having a fabric lining or tight weave beneath the hat brim will ensure that your face gets the required shade.

The under brim color

The other factor that you need to consider here is the shade of the hat under the brim. If a wide brim sun hat has a dark under brim, it can absorb a high amount of reflected UV, bouncing down to the face. Hence, it can offer increased security to your skin and also reduce UV and glare to the eyes.

It is also essential to consider all that you might be doing when you wear your wide brim hat outdoors. For instance, if you will be present in a windy ambiance, it’s best to choose a sun hat with a locking chinstrap. Also, when you aim for physical or water activities, you need to search for chlorine and wicking resistant material. And when it’s about a picnic, wedding, or any other stylish occasion, you can choose an oversize brim that will make you look stunning and give maximum coverage.

Purchasing the wide brim sun hat online

Today, you will come across several hat makers online who can provide you with the best wide brim sun hat. Some online providers can also help you customize your sun hat. Before you place an order, you need to ensure that the service provider has a good reputation. You need to check the customer reviews and testimonials to help you know whether customers are happy with the service and the products. The reviews and feedback will help you to arrive at an informed decision.

Other than that, you need to be sure of your hat size and the type of sun hat you want to opt for. You need to decide on your budget and check out the options that are available for you. The options are plenty depending on your budget and style requirements.

If you consider the factors mentioned above, you will be able to choose the best wide brim sun hat for yourself.