Choosing The Best Study Plan for Microsoft AZ-220 Exam

Preparing for the Certbolt Microsoft AZ 104 Test ? Seeking for tips on how to crack this Microsoft exam at the first attempt and become a certified specialist? Then you are at the right place. Before turning to the points you are interested in, let’s recall that the MS-101 Exam Questions is required for obtaining the Microsoft Certified: IoT Developer Specialty certification. The certified specialists are responsible for managing device lifecycles, designing Azure IoT solutions, installing Azure IoT Edge devices and modules, and configuring device networking at the edge. Are you planning to take this exam? Then read this step-by-step guide to prepare for your exam.

Begin your planning early

Beginning your exam preparation beforehand will enable you to go over everything you’ve studied thus far. Find the exam topics on the official website to plan your time properly, as the Certbolt topics. So don’t leave anything to the last minute and make sure you fully comprehend your subject. This will greatly facilitate revision.

Organize your study space

Make sure everything around you is organized before you sit down to study for your AZ-220 exam. You must have adequate space around so you can put your notes and books. Also make sure that your chair is comfy, your room has adequate lighting, and that nothing distracts you, such as your video games or social media.

Make a Study Plan

Since the exam comprises 7 topics, you need to split enough time to each topic. Such skills as managing devices, implementing IoT Edge and Certbolt Microsoft AZ 900 Test , operating data, troubleshooting & optimizing IoT solutions, applying security should be developed and revised. So, plan when each topic will be learnt, how much time should be devoted to it, which prep options will be used, and which strategy to implement.

Review and practice

One of the most efficient ways to prepare for exams is to leave some time for revision and take Certbolt Microsoft MD 100 Test to learn all exam concepts tested. MS-900 Exam Questions is no exception. Using practice tests from the official website and/or third-party websites help you to know the exam structure, types of questions tested, know the weak areas in your knowledge, and improve your final result. Also, it’s a good opportunity to develop your time management skills.

Adapt your studies to your learning style

Your learning style will assist you in determining the most effective strategies to study for the AZ-220 exam. If you’re an auditory learner, for example, you could find it helpful to record your notes and then listen to them later, or you could listen to lecture recordings and podcasts about IoT solution infrastructure. Pictures and diagrams of IoT systems and procedures, on the other hand, can help you in your learning process if you are a visual learner. Figure out your learning style so you can remember important facts and comprehend exam topics.

Explain the learnt material

An effective technique while learning smith new is to explain it to an experienced person or to a newbie in this sphere and receive feedback. While preparing for the Certbolt Microsoft MS 100 Test explain the concepts learned to the colleagues or friends. If a newbie understands what you’ve explained, it’s a good sign. If the expert has nothing to add to your explanation – your knowledge is perfect.

Praise Yourself

To stay motivated, keep the goal of your learning in the focus and develop good study habits as well. Thus, allow yourself pauses and small prizes. Healthy foods, physical activity, pleasant walks outside, might help you stay motivated. Finding the study strategies that work best for you will save you time and effort while also ensuring that you achieve the greatest outcomes.


The Certbolt Microsoft AZ 400 Test from Microsoft can help you not only achieve Azure success but also establish yourself as a global Azure IoT Developer specialist. Passing the exam is not an easy case, but using the tips covered in this article, you are fully equipped with how to tackle the test on your first try! Good luck!