Certified translation of Italian birth certificate into English in London

In this era of technology, translation of languages has become quite easy. However, translating the legal documents is not an easy task as it requires proper education with the certified experience and some exceptional translation skills. Some official working services offer the facility of translating legal documents in different languages according to the demand of the customer. They have trained and educated translators who have a firm grip in multiple languages. It is crucial to choose the experienced and certified translator, especially for the translation of legal documents because, even a minor mistake in the translation of legal documents can result in serious losses. Italian birth certificate translation into English in London has a number of advantages. First, we have to discuss the need for a certified translation services of an Italian birth certificate into English in London.

The need for translation:

There’s no denying that Italian is a popular language in the world. However, the English language holds a primary position of being universally accepted language. The Italian language is accepted only in some particular countries throughout the world. There is a number of reasons why you would need to translate your birth certificate from the Italian into English, some of the main reasons are discussed below.


The first and the main reason for the translation of an Italian birth certificate into English is the compulsion and requirement to have the birth certificate in English to apply for the visa of any country. A birth certificate is necessary for almost every immigration filing, whether you are applying for the tourist visa or for permanent residence. A birth certificate contains important details about the specific person, such as name, age, date of birth, place of birth, and parents’ names. The importance to obtain services from the certified translator for the Certified translation of an Italian birth certificate into English in London is obvious from an immigration perspective as they confirm your individuality is in safe hands.

School admission:

If you are moving to London from Italy and you are going to have your kids admitted to the school, there must be a need for the English version of their Italian birth certificates. In London, English is the official language, and their educational institutes prefer the legal documents in their official language. Thus, they will only accept the birth certificate in English for a better understanding of the information.

National identity card and driving license:

An identity card is issued based on the birth certificate of an individual which shows a birth certificate is necessary for proofing one’s identity. Also, in any state or country when you are applying for the driving license, it is crucial to have the birth certificate. If you are a migrant from Italy or shifting permanently in London, you must obtain the translated version of the birth certificate into English for both of these legal documents that are going to be the necessity of your daily life.

Importance of certified translator:

You can find a significant number of translators in the different parts of London. But it is important to select the certified translator or the best-certified translation agency services for your legal documents to ensure their reliability, quality and to protect personal information from any damage. It is necessary to have an experienced and trustworthy translator who can professionally translate your birth certificate into English to retain its original meaning and information. Some translators can offer cheap services online, but the chances are that they might not be able to deliver qualitative work. That’s why you always have to choose the quality over the prices.