How SaaS Can Transform Real Estate Businesses and the Top 10 Solutions

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SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to an online cloud service that helps consumers access various software online. Such services are usually hosted in the cloud and are used for several purposes by individuals and businesses alike.  SaaS is also a very popular option for existing software deployment systems and is often … Read more

Top 10 SaaS Timekeeping Software

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Introduction Timekeeping systems make it easier to track time spent on different tasks, projects and deliverables. These systems are designed keeping the needs of a variety of businesses in mind. Some businesses prefer auto-pilot or automatic time tracking, while others are more comfortable doing things manually. Time trackers help the management learn … Read more

Guide to CRMs and Top 10 SaaS Solutions

Introduction A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has become an essential piece of software for enterprises that want to effectively manage interactions and relationships with their potential and existing customers. CRMs help businesses streamline processes, stay connected with their customers and improve profitability. The ultimate goal of a CRM is to improve … Read more

Guide to SaaS Project Management Systems and Top Solutions

What is a PM Software? Project management software are designed to improve efficiency of project management teams through tools including progress tracking and collaboration tools. Compared to traditional/on-premises PM software, SaaS PM solutions are more versatile because of their cross-platform compatibility, scalability, flexibility and low initial cost. SaaS or on-demand solutions allow … Read more

Top 11 SaaS Sales Management Software

Introduction From strategic account management to accurate forecasting and effective inventory management system, SaaS sales management software help businesses achieve their goals and stay competitive. With the increasing popularity of SaaS and subscriptions getting within reach of small businesses, SM systems are no longer only meant for enterprises and large organizations. The … Read more

Guide to SaaS Customer Services Software and Top 10 Solutions

Introduction Failing to offer great customer services directly impacts customer satisfaction and retention rates. Superior products/services alone are not good enough in today’s competitive market. Excellent customer services and knowing who wants what is equally important in achieving success.  Modern technologies have enabled enterprises as well as SMBs to acquire and process … Read more

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Choosing a SaaS Solution

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Introduction The ever-increasing popularity of SaaS (Software as a Solution) model has led many to believe that it’s the most cost-effective and risk-free channel of delivering services. The initial costs are low and even small and medium businesses can take advantage of modern technologies. But there are few mistakes businesses should avoid … Read more

How SaaS can be a Game Changer for Small and Medium Businesses

How SaaS can be a Game Changer for Small and Medium Businesses

Introduction SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model of software delivery that has evolved significantly over the past decade. Enterprises were quick to adopt the new technology to minimize the high aggregate cost associated with buying traditional software licenses. Not only businesses had to pay large sums of money to acquire … Read more

How SaaS Can Help Businesses Lower Cost of Ownership?

How SaaS Can Help Businesses Lower Cost of Ownership

Introduction Choosing between cloud-based or on-premises solutions has become an important decision to make for enterprises and SMBs that want to evolve alongside technology and stay competitive. While businesses try their best to commit to the most valuable, secure and accessible tools, choosing between different types of solutions can be tricky. Cloud … Read more

Important Factors to Consider when Selecting a SaaS Provider

Consider when Selecting a SaaS Provider

Introduction Picking the right SaaS provider has become critical as an increasing number of businesses seek to externalize their IT systems. Due to a few barriers to entry and nature of the cloud industry, it’s not surprising to see a myriad of SaaS providers that offer a large number of services. This … Read more