4 Steps to Start A Reseller Web Hosting Business

Starting a hosting business from scratch is complicated and can get extremely expensive. That’s why reselling existing services from another company might be a better idea. You will get customers with lower costs, while building your brand in the industry. To make things work, you need a solid plan. Here are the first 4 steps you should follow!

1.Choose the right niche

If you compete with big hosting brands, you have almost no chance of winning. Their prices will always be lower, since they own the servers. Also, they have more credibility than you do. Successful resellers get into specific niches and respond to a smaller audience.

For instance, some of them target groups such as affiliate marketers or WordPress bloggers. Others decide to sell their hosting as an additional service to web design or SEO packages. Developers and freelancers that are well-known locally will quickly build a new source of passive income with the same strategy.

2.Find a good hosting provider

You will not focus on the prices, but that doesn’t mean you can sell plans that are too expensive for the market. That’s why it’s important to do your research and find a brand you can trust. You might think about shared hosting, but a VPS is another excellent choice. You’re allowed to divide resources as you want and install any software, with complete control over the platform. At BlueServers we offer 24/7 technical support, DDoS protection and 1/10 GB ports.

3.Invest in billing software

Before making money with your web hosting business, you need an automated system to take recurring payments. Choose something like WHMCS or Blesta, then integrate it with your web hosting control panel. You will provide invoices to people and get all the tools needed for good management. It will also be possible to create supporting tickets to deal with clients’ problems.

4.Set up a professional website

You don’t need to hire a web design agency or spend a lot of time on this step, since you can create a good website by yourself. Just choose a CMS like WordPress, then buy a professional theme and write the content that will be displayed on pages. You can hire a freelancer for more help, if you’re not a technical person. What matters more is how you market yourself, being recommended to have an initial budget for paid promotion. If you need more advice, don’t forget to check out How to Start a Web Hosting Business article from our blog.