4 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing Activities

Digital marketing is a critical component in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. It has emerged as an independent marketing platform with experts in the field who only focus on digital marketing aspects and online advertising. Given this, it’s beneficial for every type of business to outsource their digital marketing efforts so they can focus on other core business competencies.

As per a report, digital marketing and SEO are two of the largest industries dominating small and large business process outsourcing, apart from IT, with the expectation to reach $212 billion in 2023.

Today, the rise of the digital transformation industry calls for outsourcing digital marketing efforts for several reasons. Let’s assess some top reasons why it would benefit your firm.

1. It Drives Down Costs

The top reason for outsourcing digital marketing efforts for 70% of the firms is cost reduction resulting in increased efficiency levels experienced by 24% of the companies, as per the latest statistics released by Find Stack. SEO is another major component of digital transformations, with 68% of all online experiences starting with a search engine. It’s also responsible for generating 53.3% of all web traffic, as per the latest report by Bright Edge. The current value of the SEO industry stands at $50 billion and is expected to climb to $81.5bn by the end of 2023 with a CAGR of 3.51%.

Considering these statistics and the fact that SEO is an ongoing process, hiring an SEO agency would be a wise choice. Nowadays, the marketing vibe SEO agency is one of the best in the industry, providing services in free and paid SEO efforts, social media management, graphic designing, and other tools and software capable of managing and running your business’ online marketing effectively and efficiently. Signing up for a holistic set of services would significantly reduce your marketing costs instead of hiring an in-house team of designers, developers, etc.

Did you know that hiring a front-end developer costs $100,000 a year with an hourly cost of $49? Outsourcing your SEO and other digital marketing activities could drive down more than half of your annual costs.

2. Create Interactive Campaigns

Unlike traditional offline marketing, digital marketing is more complex to navigate, with multiple platforms and opportunities to explore. It requires a deep dive into due diligence, marketing research, and analyzing how different platforms would help achieve your goal. If you lack the knowledge and resources, it could prove costly and time-consuming.

Alternatively, a team of experts could present a thoroughly researched digital marketing mix to reach your sales goal more effortlessly. It could involve easy to navigate website, ensuring a seamless online to offline buyer’s journey, and generating SEO-rich content to get the required online reach.

With the limitless number of marketing platforms and solutions, navigating which ones would work best for your business model to create interactive campaigns can be challenging. Built on the latest digital marketing trends and insights, a digital agency can help you stay competitive and engaged with your audience by incorporating the right mix of tools and software.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, has emerged as a rapidly advancing digital tool that could automate your data collection. However, determining the right set of AI tools could be challenging and time-consuming. Working with the right digital agency could make things easier for you. Similarly, augmented user experience in the metaverse has proved profitable for various businesses. Capitalizing on these latest trends could help your business build interactive campaigns and gain traction beyond borders.

3. Work With Seasoned Marketers

Working with a digital marketing agency would help you gain access to top talent in marketing with resources, expertise, and experience that could otherwise be costly and time-consuming to retain.

On the other hand, organizing an in-house team could take years of training and investment in talent management before you can see results.

By working with seasoned marketers, you can ensure quick and high-quality output. You would typically work with a digital marketing manager who monitors marketing campaigns and promotes brand awareness. They also act as mediators between your firm and the marketing agency to ensure that everything is up to speed and everyone is on the same page.

A digital marketing consultant specializes in gathering consumer insights, analyzing consumer behavior, and incorporating them into your marketing campaigns. They are crucial in providing specialized market insights, especially if you plan to expand.

At the same time, you would be working with an SEO specialist who can optimize your website content for organic search, improve business visibility, and generate leads.

Content writers also play an important part in generating website content, blog posts, social media content, product description, and copywriting to connect with the target audience.

Social media managers would be responsible for handling your business’s pages and designing social campaigns and ads to connect with the audience on social media platforms. They are also experts in designing different campaigns for each platform.

A data analyst would measure the campaigns’ effectiveness and compare results with initial goals.

A web developer designs your business website. They work with designers and other experts to ensure the website’s responsiveness, design, and other aspects.

As per WebFX, the average cost of digital marketing while working with a specialized agency ranges between $1200 and $2500 per month, with $50 to $500+ an hour and $1,000 to $7500 for a small to medium-sized business. It means your business can save significant costs while working with seasoned marketers.

4. Access Latest Marketing Technologies

If you employ them in-house, marketing tools and software can cost a lot in the long run. Moreover, you would have to allocate a significant amount of budget to the latest marketing technologies every year. On top of that, with the rapidly advancing tech field, technologies become outdated quickly. Deciding and investing in the latest tools every quarter to align with marketing activities can be costly and time-consuming.

However, working with a specialized digital agency offers access to the latest marketing tools and techniques without additional cost. Plus, with a team of experts in marketing technologies, it would be much easier to navigate the complexities of new software.

Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Trello, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Premier Pro are some of the advanced tools most used in creating digital marketing campaigns. However, they require expertise and specialized knowledge to take full advantage of. In the coming years, we can expect AI-powered digital marketing tools and software that could drive down marketing costs if you consult a professional digital marketing agency.


Digital marketing has emerged as a vast field in today’s dynamic business environment. Outsourcing this function could reduce your business’s marketing costs while increasing efficiency, offering access to specialized marketing tools and software and seasoned marketers.

Furthermore, you can create more interactive marketing campaigns with a mix of different tools best suited to your business model while incorporating the latest trends and best industry practices.