19 LinkedIn Outbound Sales Mistakes That Are Costing You, Potential Customers

1. Send a request for a connection

This is the initial step. Whenever you wish to contact someone on LinkedIn, you must send them a connection request.

2. Use advanced LinkedIn Boolean search

You may mix keywords and search operators to discover more relevant prospects on LinkedIn through this function. You can target a certain audience by using AND, NOT, or OR search filters. For more information about rules and regulations, you can visit this link – https://blog.closelyhq.com/boolean-linkedin-search-results/

3. Import a contact book

This is ideal if you are new to the site and wish to connect with existing users. To sync your address book, locate the Setting & Privacy option under the Account section and navigate ‘Account Preferences and Syncing Options’.

4. Utilize mobile contacts

Additionally, you can import your phone contacts to connect with people you already know. Select ‘Continue’ from ‘My Network,’ and you will see all the suggestions for importing your phone numbers.

5. Maintain a close eye on LinkedIn’s recommendation list

This is convenient. To do so, navigate to ‘My Network’ and search for ‘People you may know with similar roles.’ If your LinkedIn profile is optimized, you will see more relevant results.

6. Join relevant LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups can be beneficial if you’re looking to increase your network. By joining relevant LinkedIn groups, you can establish connections with members of your target audience.

7. Utilize third-party solutions to automate LinkedIn.

There are numerous solutions available to automate the entire procedure. These solutions are convenient and aid in generating quality company leads. LinkedIn automation can save you time and effort while generating business prospects if done properly.

8. Your propositions and offerings

You must take into account your services and products. Have you validated them before distributing them to your prospects? Did they have any effect? If you answered yes, you can go to the next ingredient.

9. Your targeting

Ascertain that you are targeting and communicating with the appropriate audience? Are you aware of your ideal prospects? Following that, ensure that you communicate with them using the appropriate language. Finally, ensure that your offer is pertinent and targeted.

10. Provide Value from the start:

If you want to earn someone’s trust, the best method to do so is to provide exceptional Value or complimentary incentives.

This sales strategy works very well if you already have a lead magnet or a valuable free offer for your leads.

11. Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the most qualified and relevant prospects:

Following the definition of your target market, you can easily integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM or other prospecting tools to nurture business leads. When properly integrated with your CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator also keeps you informed about the various facts and behaviors of your target prospects.

12. Utilize LinkedIn’s filter for shared experiences:

When it comes to communicating with anonymous users or people who have never heard of you, the ability to identify shared interests can be extremely beneficial.

Fortunately, LinkedIn’s “Shared Experiences” function can assist you with this. This function is convenient because it enables you to identify leads who share similar interests or work experiences.

13. Automate the procedure:

Another effective sales technique is follow-up.

Follow-ups on LinkedIn are a constant procedure or an experiment in your perseverance. At a minimum, it is recommended that you follow up at least five times.

14. Personalization

As noted previously, always provide information about your prospects in your messages. Additionally, they will be more receptive to speaking with you.

15. Concise and unambiguous

Most of your prospects are busy and receive a barrage of inquiries and communications throughout the day. As a result, ensure that your messages are concise and have a clear goal. Additionally, attempt to keep the conversation’s flow.

16. It’s all about trial and error.

The most effective strategy for increasing your connection rate is to experiment with your requests and follow-ups continuously.

17. The ideal length

Bear in mind that connection messages are limited to 300 characters. While such, bear this in mind as you write your script.

18. Reference point

Attempt to mention how you discovered your lead’s LinkedIn profile. If you have a genuine reference, provide it in your request; users will be happy to speak with you.

19. Returns

What advantages would you provide your prospects if they choose to contact you? Assure that you provide them with something important and inform them about it via your message, along with any other pertinent information.