10 Examples of Strategic SaaS Website Designs

Over the next few years, studies have predicted that Saas (software-as-a-service) will grow the number of platforms used by many businesses. To sustain this growth and take advantage of many new SaaS startups and services have been rising. In five recent years – 1,400 SaaS companies and brands have been launched. 

With the increasing numbers of SaaS products, many struggle with creating a unique design for their website to make them stand out. However, a uniquely designed website is required for a SaaS business. This is the reason why SaaS is thriving, and people involved in it are happy. 

Many SaaS websites use similar tones and phrases to build their sites like “built for a global audience” or “business growth optimization,”  which results in a common website. If you’re using the same phrases, then how are you different from them? 

SaaS companies need a great, user-friendly website, uses attention-grabbing copies and have an interactive experience.  But, a website is more than just humorous copywriting and beautiful design. It helps the business generate leads by converting visitors as we cannot check if these sites can generate leads or sales. 

We can’t say for sure that designing your site similar to them can help you get leads. But, we can tell you that few elements from these sites have proven to be successful in helping SaaS businesses to get sales and leads. 

We have made a list of website designs that we believe are required for a SaaS business website. 

Best SaaS Website Design Examples for Inspiration

1. Zuora

Zuora uses diverse content like videos, illustrations, and graphics to attract its visitors.  The Customer Stories section is one of the best pages on the Zuora website. It uses customer pictures of them working and short testimonial videos (a trend among many great SaaS websites). The site uses these customer stories over case studies which are boring to talk about their products in a fun manner. 

The impression from the Zuora website is that it’s a credible company with a great offering/product and inspires its visitor to discover more about the business. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 59 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 5,500+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 40,000+

2. Rafflecopter

The product they offer is ‘a giveaway’, which everyone loves; it’s basically an online giveaway tool generator. The tone of the website is light-hearted and creates excitement about its product. The use of clever copy, clean design, and a fun user experience is what the customer is looking for when landing on this website. 

The homepage of Rafflecopter tells you about the product and how it works, which is great for a visitor. Because the visitor does not need to look for the page that talks about the product offerings. It is a refreshing and fun site that gives a happy feeling. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 68 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 85,000+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 7,000+

3. DocuSign

This SaaS product has a simple website that is well thought out and has a good structure. The copy on the main header is perfect as it tells you about the product’s benefits without wasting any time. The subheading on the website is also good, which tells you about the experience you will have if you use the product. 

DocuSign’s website then proceeds to tell you about the credibility of its product on the bottom page by using key findings from Forrester Research. The website also includes a short explainer video showing the customers how the product works. We give props for the user-friendly navigation on the website. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 66 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 16,000+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 1,000,000+

4. Gusto

This SaaS company has a desktop version for the homepage, a non-scrollable landing page (It means that when you land on this page, you cannot scroll or use the navigation bar). The great part about this SaaS website is that they can communicate to their visitors about the services that they offer, the benefit of the product, and how much a customer needs to pay for it. 

Furthermore, the landing page communicates how the customer can get started and has a CTA (call to action) of a one-month free trial – which is great to generate trials within the visitors. The website uses a button for downloading the software. In their footer section, you can find more information about the company, but the homepage is the real deal which got our attention. They’re smartly using the space to grab the attention of the visitors. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 66 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 8,500+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 650,000+

5. Teem

This SaaS product offers space management tools and analytics for workplace employees to focus more on the business. Like many great examples on this list, Teem displays what their product has to offer on the homepage and as a header copy. Talking about something mundane, like managing office spaces more efficiently in an attention-grabbing manner, can be challenging. 

But the team at Teem has figured it out. They’re using photographs of amazing workspaces and a well-designed website to make their SaaS product fun and stand out. The SaaS website has more to offer with quotation videos and case studies, building the product’s credibility. They use cool graphical elements to highlight the four main features of the SaaS product. Teem is a good example of how to design a SaaS website. 

SEMRush stats: 

Authority score: 46 out of 100

Referring domains: 1,000

Estimated monthly organic visitors: 10,000

6. Toggl

Who knew a site that offers a workplace time tracker can look so fun and full of energy? Toggl is one of the best examples of a SaaS website design that you can be inspired by and create your own. The website uses comical illustrations and animations to compel visitors to explore the website and click on everything. 

Toggl uses good spacing to structure the website with easy-to-understand copies. The use of bold colors helps to get the viewer’s attention and creates a good user experience. The pages on the site are interactive, giving an energetic vibe. This SaaS website has two thumbs up from us. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 64 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 18,000+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 250,000+

7. Shopify

The SaaS product offered by Shopify is a website for e-commerce. The company knows what its audience wants and communicates it with them effectively. The Shopify website covers all the major points, from being a startup to marketing and finally selling. 

The website shows its viewers an overview of the interface and talks about its happy global customers. It also has a blog section that helps the website with its Google search ranking. They also educate their audience about the benefits of having a website and e-commerce insights. So, their website should have all the ticks of a perfect SaaS website.

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 87 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 2,400,000
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 6,000,000

8. Robinhood

This SaaS tool has many daily active users, and it’s one of the most attractively designed websites. It has one the best user experiences compared to other stock trading websites. They use the contrast of light and dark color palettes to create a stunning website. 

Robinhood has done its research, which is why they use highlights of red and green on their website to reflect the stock market. With the perfect use of typography and graphics, Robinhood can communicate with its audience about its SaaS services effectively. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 69 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 15,000+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 4,000,000+

9. Slack

This workplace management tool uses bold colors throughout its site. When you navigate the page, you can easily discover the Slack app offerings and from where to download the product. The use of precise messaging and good typography makes it a great example of a SaaS website. Slack also uses the best practices of a SaaS website, like using images, graphics, and logos to make their website look pleasant. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 81 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 100,000+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 1,500,000+

10. Evernote

When you land on Evernote’s homepage, you’re greeted by its headline copy telling you exactly what the company is all about. Evernote uses short copies to convey the product features and offerings. The website uses minimalist graphics, clean typography, and a call to action to sign up.  This is why Evernote is a brilliant example of a SaaS website. 

SEMRush stats: 

  • Authority score: 83 out of 100
  • Referring domains: 200,000+
  • Estimated monthly organic visitors: 440,000+


All the great websites mentioned on the list above are known for being the market leaders in their respective industries. You can also use their best practices to take your SaaS website to the next level. Always remember a well-designed website can create an impact on your SaaS business. It affects your company’s success by helping to attract potential leads to land on your SaaS website. It can further help you to convert these leads into customers. If you’re investing in your SaaS product, then you must also invest in your SaaS website.