Top 10 SaaS Applications for Business Growth

When aiming to grow a small business, it can be difficult to figure out a cost-effective way to do so. Usually, software is expensive, and the budget is tight. However, with the modernizing world, the use of SAAS applications has started to grow. These applications have made it a lot simpler and easier for you to grow your business. They are truly a smart solution.

SAAS, or Software as Service, is a software licensing and distribution model in which your desired software is centrally hosted on a cloud server, and customers are allowed a temporary license to it through a subscription. Therefore, instead of software being installed into a single PC, your team can use it online from any device.  

SAAS applications make it so businesses can focus on their growth without spending too much of their limited time and resources. The pay-as-you-go model that SAAS adopts allows them the flexibility to opt-out of the subscription if they wish to. Therefore, SAAS applications are a must for small businesses looking to grow.

Advantages Of a SAAS Applications

5 Basics Of Managed Software As A Service

SAAS applications and products are extremely advantageous if you find the right one for your business. One of the biggest advantages of using a SAAS application is that it eliminates the need to manually install and run applications on computers. Therefore, you do not need to invest in dedicated computers for application and upkeep their maintenance. You can simply hand over a subscription to your employees, and they can use it from any device. 

The ability to use the SAAS application anywhere you want is another advantage. As these applications are stored on a cloud server, you have the ability to use them whenever you want. Thus, if one computer is not working, you can shift to another or use it on your phone. Additionally, there is no compatibility issue, as these applications work via the internet.

SAAS applications also help eliminate the initial cost of software installation. They also greatly reduce the cost of the software because generally, when purchasing the license to a particular software, you would have to pay the entire cost upfront. However, some businesses cannot afford to pay that. Therefore, the subscription-based model that SAAS applications use is much more feasible.

Another advantage of using SAAS applications is that they are automatically updated by the vendor. Therefore, you do not have to worry about updating your software, as it is done centrally. 

SAAS applications are also available to a majority of the market. Instead of limiting a SAAS product to a specific market, it is often available and accessible to anyone with any side of the business. Therefore, this affordable and accessible tool is available to everyone, and you can gain access to services that may not be as easily accessible. 

Signs That You Need SAAS Applications To Grow Your Business

E-commerce is a huge market, and all marketing and business activities take place on the cloud. Therefore SAAS products are the easiest way that you can grow your sales and expand your business. 

If you are unsure whether or not you should invest in SAAS applications, ask yourself whether or not you want to increase the sales figures of your company and improve the functioning of your business as a whole. If you would like to do that, then SAAS applications can be of great help.

SAAS applications can also help change certain aspects of your business, which may be preventing it from growing. Furthermore, if you wish to train your staff, such as your sales representatives, you can use SAAS applications to do so.

Top SAAS Applications To Grow Your Business


When deciding to switch to different applications for your business’s growth, it can be daunting to choose new applications. Furthermore, since you would be using precious resources to pay for these services, you must choose the best ones out there. 

Here are the top SAAS tools for small businesses that can help you grow your business.

Proof Hub

ProofHub is a project management SAAS application that is both; reliable and efficient. It is designed to help make project management simpler and to encourage and improve team collaboration. ProofHub has many tools that any project management team would need under one application, making the entire process much more efficient.

On ProofHub, you can create tasks and assign them to your team members. Since they are visible to everyone on the team, everyone would be aware of what is expected of them. You can also schedule tasks and create custom reports if need be. 

Visualizing the work being distributed allows you to keep track of times and tasks, which is something most small businesses require. Therefore, it promotes maximum productivity and helps you save time and money.

Some of ProofHub’s most prominent features include collaboration on design and document, markup tools, threaded comments, and one-click approval. You can also create custom roles, grant access levels, etc.

Hoot Suite

HootSuite is a SAAS application that specializes in social media marketing and managing dashboards. Social media is growing day by day, and it would be a mistake to not use it to its full potential. With almost 2.3 billion users, making use of effective social media strategies can help grow your business exponentially. 

HootSuite allows you to create an engaging social media presence that you can easily maintain and expand in the future. This application allows you to track and manage your business’s various social network channels and monitor feedback. It also helps you to keep on top of things and reply to comments as they come in.

Using HootSuite, you can also view streams from various network channels such as Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, and Twitter. 

Through this application, you can create a content library, using which you can create and schedule posts that are to be uploaded on multiple accounts. You also have the option for these posts to be synced with one another.

HootSuite also allows you to carry out basic task management and also delivers performance reporting. This feature is extremely useful as it enables you to know where you lack and can improve.


HubSpot is a SAAS application that allows you to do everything at once. This software is a customer relationship manager and enables you to design and create a powerful, engaging, dynamic, and responsive website. When you have an alluring website, it automatically brings in organic traffic.

HubSpot has many features and tools that make content management, social media marketing, and search engine optimization extremely simple and easy to manage. Some main features of this application include call tracking and recording, email tracking, email templates, deal tracking, reporting dashboards, etc. 


Salesforce is another customer relationship management application that ensures that you are up to date with your customers and know the feedback that you are getting. This application allows you to make use of cloud technology and use it to connect to existing customers, potential customers, and stakeholders. 

With this SAAS application, you can gather leads and monitor them while also engaging with them. Salesforce also helps your sales team and makes them more productive, it tracks insights to improve your sales opportunities and it also creates email campaigns, and allows the sales representatives to collaborate.

Some other features of this application are contact management, opportunity management, partner management, sales collaboration, lead management, etc.

Organization of data and collaborating on various documents is an everyday task that can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have the correct tools and applications to do so. allows teams of all sizes to seamlessly collaborate to create and organize documents in one place. 

If your company has remote workers all over the work, allows all of them to organize and centralize their work and manage the digital content without a hitch. Furthermore, has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it an easy tool to work with. 

You can easily customize your workflow, and use the digital content management system to keep everything neat and tidy. Business documents are often confidential. Therefore, also ensures that everything is secure.


Zendesk is a SAAS application designed to allow secure live chats. This platform is excellent if you have a small business, as you can get to know your client’s needs and wants much better. Through Zendesk you can offer live, and real-time chat to your customers. 

The main features of Zendesk include a ticketing system, live chats, and messager, an answer bot, customer service software, and everything you may need to get your business running smoothly. Through Zendesk you can also collect crucial customer information and cut down on unnecessary expenses. 


Box is a platform that allows your teams to collaborate securely no matter which device they are on. Using Box, you can share large files and safeguard sensitive data using passwords and pin codes. 

You have the option to choose between three accounts Enterprise, Business, and Personal, based on the features that fit your requirements. With Box, you can manage files of various different file types. It supports 120 file types, and you can also preview the content before you download it onto your device. 

Furthermore, as Box allows collaborative work, it does so in a centralized file. You have the option to share, edit, discuss and approve the document. If any changes are made, the users are notified. This feature is quite handy as it prevents unnecessary copies of a single document to be made.

Additionally Box has an excellent security system and protects important data using advanced security controls, comprehensive information governance, and intelligent threat detection. 


Paperform is an all-in-one program, truly a swiss army knife, to create an online presence that includes landing pages and online forms that represent the essence of your business. With this SAAS application, you can customize it to the extreme. If there is even a tiny detail about your page that you wish to change, Paperform ensures that you do.

This application is also extremely simple to use. You do not need to know much about coding beforehand. Perform makes everything super easy and to the point. It also allows you to manage your product inventory, collect payments, scedule appointments, etc.


Notion is an extremely popular productivity tool that can provide a workplace for your whole team. On Notion, you can plan, take notes, organize your data, and more. This SAAS application allows you a foundation upon which you can create blocks and toolkits which work best for you.

The extreme amount of customization that Notion offers is unparallel. You can make notes on it, invite and share your workspace with people, plan and assign tasks in various different ways, etc.


Zoom is perhaps the most reliable SAAS application for video and audio calls, chats, and webinars. With the rise of remote workers, and a need to collaborate with them on projects, Zoom has become a popular application. It allows businesses of all sizes to communicate with their employees no matter where they are. 

Zoom is best known for its video conferencing feature, which is extremely easy to use. If you have a good internet connection, you can chat with anyone using high-quality audio and video. Furthermore, the basic version of Zoom is free to use, and it can be used to host meetings of 1,000 participants, and 10,000 viewers.


In a constantly changing world, businesses have to keep up if they want to expand. Recently, due to ease, everything has been shifting online. Therefore, it is only natural that your business should have an online presence. However, some tasks seem a bit daunting unless you have the proper applications to keep everything in check.

Here is where SAAS applications come into play. There are a plethora of SAAS applications that are designed to help small businesses grow. With their many advantages, such as low cost and extreme flexibility, there is no reason not to use them.