5 Great SaaS Applications That Have Changed the Way We Do Business

I think we can all agree that the cloud is a wonderful thing. Remember the old days when people actually had to buy software in order to take advantage of certain applications? Not only was the process expensive, it could also be complicated. Fortunately, that’s all changed with cloud computing, which allows us to use the same services virtually. Here are some SaaS applications that have changed the way we do business.

Google Workspace

Tech giant Google is one of the most well-known companies when it comes to SaaS applications. Google has made it possible for businesses to work collaboratively through applications such as Google Hangouts, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

A benefit of using Google Workspace is that because Google has been in the cloud computing game for so long, its products and services are familiar to most people if only on a basic level. Google Workspace also prides itself on being user-friendly, making most functions simple and intuitive even for people who aren’t the most tech-savvy.


Slack is one of the hottest applications around today, and many are pointing to it as the future of work. Slack is basically a virtual office that allows you to communicate with coworkers, check the status of projects, and conduct other business functions online.

When you think of what companies could save in paper alone by using Slack, it’s pretty remarkable. When you think of what companies could save by choosing to forego the costs of a physical workspace in favor of Slack, it’s downright astounding. Today, more and more companies are asking if they need an office when people are just as productive working remotely.


As a shift planning and scheduling application, Sling is great for companies that have shift workers. It allows employees to go online to select the shifts they want to work, or employers can select shifts for workers. Employees can also message each other, assign and receive tasks to complete, view a company newsfeed, and even clock in and out.

Another great thing about Sling is that it allows you to keep your labor expenses under control and under budget. If scheduling exceeds the budget the company has set, Sling will notify you so that you can make the necessary changes.


Usenet is a communications platform that you may or may not have heard of. Operating in a similar way as the World Wide Web, Usenet gives users access to discussion groups, forums, and online bulletin boards. And although Usenet isn’t considered SaaS, as a communications platform, it can assist your business.

One way is through messaging. If you’re a small business looking to grow, Usenet can offer the kind of information distribution that only big companies can buy. Simply post a message with commercial content after participating in a newsgroup discussion on a topic relevant to your business. Just remember you’ll need a Usenet service provider to access the network.


DocuSign is a SaaS company that may help your business save a few trees. The premise is simple but revolutionary: Sign documents electronically or online instead of on paper. The obvious benefit of e-signatures is convenience. It’s no longer necessary for someone to walk into an office to sign paperwork.

Another benefit is that unlike a paper document, which in the old days could be tampered with or even thrown away, an e-signature lasts forever. Even if parties are in a different part of the world, if signatures are done electronically there is no delay in updating or executing contracts. And don’t forget about the cost savings on things such as paper, copiers, and mail.


Cloud computing and SaaS applications are altering the way businesses operate in several ways. Everything from how work is scheduled to how we collaborate on projects to how we sign documents has been drastically changed as a result of SaaS applications. And the benefits to businesses can be seen in lower costs, increased efficiency, and fewer stressed workers. So if your business isn’t utilizing SaaS, it may be something you want to look into.