Types and fundamentals of project management training

One of the most important processes in any company is getting its project management team right. They are the ones who will undertake the various aspects of a project – from client servicing to laying out the foundation plans to implementing every plan in the pipeline. Having good project managers is one of the biggest requirements of any project management team and if you’re looking to get yourself trained, there are plenty of courses available online. 

From PMP to PRINCE2, Change Management, CAPM and Project Management Fundamentals, you’ll be able to enjoy the right training modules with the right learning courses available. We’ve broken down each course for your understanding so you can choose the one that works best for you. With the current course and options available, you can receive training for both Beginner and Advanced level Project Management trainings. Here are the courses you can undertake –

1. PMP

PMP is an industry-recognized credential for the project managers and is relevant to everyone who aspires to get or is already engaged with a profile that deals with bringing a project to completion. This course is not limited to those with a corporate title of ‘Project manager’ rather; it is an extremely beneficial deal for everyone onboarding the project completion team, provided they meet the qualification criteria for the certification. A project manager is required to lead the team while controlling and managing all aspects like budgeting, controlling project schedule, quality control, risk management, etc.

2.Prince2 –

One of the most popular and widely-adopted management methods in the world, PRINCE2 is used by many sectors and organizations all over the world. PRINCE2 is a flexible and well-known method that guides individuals through the different essentials required to build successful projects, irrespective of the scale and the type.

PRINCE2 is built on seven processes and themes and these can also be tailored to meet specific requirements. 

Most courses offered, cover both Foundation and Advanced-level training classes. These are spread out over a specific number of days and will cover all the different modules of PRINCE2, including case studies, mock tests and more. Usually, the trainers are also accredited, and you will receive the 16 PDUs certificate by the end of it.

3. Change Management –

To learn everything about how to equip, prepare and support individuals to adopt change in an organization, Change Management is key. It is one course that helps companies grow for the better. While there are unique components in change, research has shown that actions can be taken to help people transform individually. 

The principles of Change Management follow a structured approach to help support an organization and its individuals to move from their present states to future states.

4.Project Management Fundamentals-

A course specifically designed for individuals who work directly or indirectly with projects, Project Management is great for both entry-level managers and future project managers as well. It helps them get the desired understanding of how to successfully manage projects and improve daily work offerings by applying the best practices available with it as well. 

With these courses, you will learn all the important concepts, influences, cycles and more related to project management. You’ll be able to smoothly transition into the role of a project manager and receive an overview of all the Agile projects in tow. It becomes easier to find jobs all over the world with the Project Management certifications in the United Kingdom as these courses are coveted in different organizations all over the world, making sure you end up growing into a great individual and help your company succeed as well. 

5.CAPM training –

CAPM training is one of the most comprehensive project management courses that are available for professionals. It can help get jobs for project managers, associate project managers, coordinators, IT Managers, leaders, analysts and so many more. It requires a pre-requisite of at least 1,500 hours working on a project team, thus allowing them to take the game to the next level.

6.Exin BCS Business Analysis course –

There is an important need to implement proper business analytics in many companies today as part of their program works. With indifferent demands in the market and project complexity, business analysis has grown to become one of the main competencies for MNCs and SMBs.

The BCS Business Analysis Foundation training is a popular certification for many professionals who wish to manage projects and work as part of a team. The BA certification provides fundamental knowledge of the BA role including the likes of strategic analysis, competencies, roles, process modeling, business case development and more. This acts as the foundation for plenty of other modular courses as well.