The Myth of Toner Cartridges Expiration

Toner and ink cartridges have expiration dates that are easily ignored by many because nobody cares. Does anyone check beef jerky or pasta noodles expiration dates? Not really, so do cartridges. When it comes to usage and storage of toner or ink cartridges, few would pay attention to the expiration dates.

The fact is cartridges storage affects how it lasts. For instance, when the ink cartridge expires, the ink would run out very quickly whereas you may continue to use the toner cartridge if you can store it well and maintain it. Followings are the processes of inner workings of toner and ink cartridge which we sum up to give you what you should be aware of.

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges have long been regarded as a lore on the internet. Should I refill or not? Should I buy a new cartridge or just a refurbished one? Brother or HP? That is a question..

However, the inner workings of ink cartridges have evolved due to the cartridge chips. One the chip alerts the printer and it would prevent the cartridge from working, even you refill it with inks. That’s why there are more and more cartridge chips suppliers.

Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges however are much wiser when it comes to how they are going to expire since it is filled with powder instead of liquid. You might ask how about use an expired one to get a free pass. Well, it can cause harm to your printer if it’s faulty. Another risk is that once your printer is damaged, there is a possibility that you would not get your warranty for you used an expired cartridge.

Since cartridges are more expensive even than the printers, companies start to take advantage of sales and stock up on toner when the price is right. But you should be careful as your printer cartridges might get expired before you can even use it. However if you’re certain that you won’t use these cartridges, which are still new and sealed, then you can turn them to toner buyers for a pretty good profit.

Cartridge Warranty vs Expiration

You should look at two dates on the new cartridges when you get your cartridges. On the box of OEM, original equipment manufacturer, there will be a date shows when the warranty will end. This allows you to know how long the manufacturer will cover the item and the second date is the expiration. This is usually found on the cartridge packaging or sometimes on the cartridge itself (depends on the type of cartridge)

However, do be too surprised if your cartridge expiration date has already passed while you bought it as it’s for the original buyer and it’s refurbished. What you should do is to make note of the time that you purchased the cartridge and bear in mind that toner cartridges can last for a couple of years whereas ink cartridge can use for a few months.

After Expiration

When ink cartridge expires, the liquid problem would disallow you to keep using your printer as the ink would clog your printer head causing serious damage. This is why it is often suggested that the toner is better as it can last quite a while.

For the Toner:

  • Make it flat and not upright
  • Put it in a place that is free of dust
  • Get away from the corrosive gas

For the ink:

  • Make sure it’s always in an upright position
  • Avoid the sunlight in case it is spoiled
  • Keep the cartridge sealed