How To Get Customers To Take a Second Look At Their Abandoned Carts

So you are an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur and you cannot wait to get your product out for the world to enjoy. Or perhaps, maybe you are already in the e-commerce space, enjoying a reasonable amount of success, and ready to scale up and take your store to new heights. If you have dabbled in the world of e-commerce and online selling before, you probably know about the woes of abandoned carts. It is when a customer fancies an item, puts it in the digital shopping cart, but abandons it for some reason, not completing the purchase. In the real world this may be a rare occurrence, after all, it would be quite awkward if one simply leaves the basket while in line at Target and just walks out the front door. In the digital world, however, about 69% of all items put in digital shopping carts are abandoned before checkout. 

This should not discourage you though. An abandoned cart is not a sale that is completely lost. In fact, following the right techniques, there is a very good chance that you can ease your customer’s initial hesitations and end up getting the sale. Read on and let’s find out exactly how you can do that!

Send a Personalized Message

Given that you have the tools in place to collect the information about your customer – names, numbers, and email addresses, you have already taken the most important step. The absolute worst thing you can do, however, is to not use that information at all. Your store has already captured the customer’s name and the type of item the customer was looking for, use it! 

One thing you can be sure of is that a customer is absolutely not inclined to open a follow-up email or abandoned cart recovery text that sounds spammy and generic. Always include the customer’s name and make your message as personal as possible.

Add A Little Human Touch 

So now you are aware that it is never a good thing for your recovery message to sound spammy, you have to take it even further and give your messages a more human touch. Better yet, you can take advantage of a third party service that follows up on your customers and their abandoned carts with the use of human agents that provide a truly authentic and personalized interaction. 

Think about it –  if a generic and robotic message shows up in your inbox, would you even care to give it a second glance? Probably not. You would likely be far more responsive to another human being however, because you know that a person is capable of actually keeping your best interest in mind. 

Ease Their Hestiations

Following up on our point of giving a more human touch – now that you have an actual person interacting  with the customer and having a real human conversation, you are then able to figure out why the customer abandoned the cart in the first place. Once you have that information (something that is not generally captured by an e-commerce shop), you can then provide a personalized solution to the customer’s hesitation and second thoughts. 

Is the item too expensive? They are making an investment on it, not merely a purchase. Does the customer think the item is unreliable? Mention all of the good feedback that item has to reassure the customer of its quality. 

Hopefully you are now aware of the fact that the opportunity cost of letting an abandoned cart go as if the sale is completely lost can be a massive detriment to your business. Find the right partners, be as personal as you can possibly be, and that abandoned cart will turn into a profitable conversion in no time.