How to Become a SaaS Influencer on Clubhouse

If you like marketing, sales, or any other business area through strong social media connections, you’ve probably heard of Clubhouse.

The club has dominated social media at an incredible pace in recent months. The appeal and interest in a new social media platform sold as a member-only audio app have stormed the corporate world.

One of the latest apps for generating social sounds (sounds) is a sound-based club. Originally it was an iPhone app, but in recent years it has had great success and has expanded into the Android and Windows PC markets. Like almost all social apps, Clubhouse has created a separate database of influences. Very famous influencer Elon Musk contributed to the club’s performance.

What Is Clubhouse?

This club is one of the biggest social media marketing trends of 2021. According to the iOS App Store, the club is “a place to have casual conversations with friends and other interesting people around the world.” In the words of the club, they represent “a new kind of voice-based social product that allows everyone to talk, talk, develop ideas, strengthen friendships, and meet new people and exciting things from around the world.“This app is called hot new social app’ and the biggest question on all platforms is how you were invited?

Think of it as listening to live streaming podcasts that aren’t recorded or saved for later access. That’s not all. Membership is reserved for iPhone-only ticket holders. Yes, at least at the time of writing, there is no Android version of Clubhouse Voice Chat.

When subscribers log in to the app, they can select their interests, and a list of upcoming or current chat rooms is displayed. They can set up a room of their choosing and, if deemed appropriate, can leave the discussion. Loneliness, relevance, and seriousness with the coordinator gave the club’s voice chat app a dual and difficult identity.

What makes the Clubhouse app so popular?

As if the features weren’t cool enough, the app sparked a craze for popularity when Elon Musk hosted a meeting with Robinhoods founder Vlad Tenev.

The club’s social audio app was launched in March of last year and has about 1,500 beta users. Today that number has increased to about 2 million. In areas where the Internet is very closely tracked, club members are sold on the black market. Track the reasons for the apparent popularity of the Club app.

  • Innovative New Idea-Audio Interaction Mode
  • Consumer star base such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, MC Hammer, Ashton Kutcher, and more.
  • App invitation-only sign-in mode

The App Store’s iOS page states that the Android version is in development, but you won’t wait too long for people to lose the theme chat room.

Clubhouse Tactics to Become a SaaS Influencer

B2B partnership

In some cases, it will be easy to make money with the clubhouse app, or especially to help founders. To derive similarities, Instagram and Twitter began as social networks that bring people together on one platform. However, over time it has become a nebula from which influencers working together using the service will leak. Money is a by-product. If you think about it, influencers can use the club app and make money in the same way.


To understand this, take a look at Instagrammer with millions of followers. What do you see? In addition to the basic USP, marketing and hidden products can be considered as favorite merchandise. Sponsorship can take a new form in your club, and after gradually increasing your subscriber base, you can build a brand that can be challenged through discussions. YouTube is a good example of its use.

Important performance indicators for these contracts may include measures such as total audience, audience per head, level of engagement such as cross-review, manual indication, and more. Follow influential companies in your industry to get them to notice your mind and products. Discuss what your company does, who it intends to help, and how it’s going to create an impact while making people’s lives b better. You want to create a good first impression here.

Build a dedicated club community

What fascinated me with the Club app is an opportunity to build a dedicated community and expand my reach. You can quickly establish yourself as an industry expert by creating a venue for topics of interest and providing valuable conversations.

Users can check your profile and follow you. The next time you go live, your audience can receive push notifications to watch. In addition to building a group of prospects, you can also grow your SaaS business by building a network on your app. Interact with entrepreneurs and other influencers to develop valuable business relationships in new formats.

Receive customer and business user reviews from club users

If you stay in the club for a long time, you can see one of the founders join us and ask for comments on new features. Take a page from their textbook and do the same with your audience.

Create a room and ask for feedback on the latest business ideas. If other entrepreneurs think your idea is a failure, you can get your attention right away. Start a conversation and see a solution recommended by your colleagues.

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Check the newest trends in the industry

The club listens socially. You can track influencers in your industry, track competitors, and track categories related to your niche. A personalized timeline is coming soon with information on trends to watch out for, industry news, and audience sentiment. All you have to do is join that conversation and listen to what people are saying.

Delete messages throughout the club

When you start growing your club audience, you can use the app to report company news. Let’s say you decide to switch to a more sustainable and greener supplier. You can create conversations about business decisions and tell people why. This allows you to highlight your brand values ​​and have meaningful discussions with your audience.

Would you like to start soon? Create a room and present a new product or feature. This can be a great way for your community to generate expectations and get immediate feedback.

Or, someone can recommend a design or feature you want to see. You can use the club format to provide your ideas.

Ask Anything (AMA) option

This is another type of online short intensive course. Come up with it! You must have experience in the subject area and have people of equal value. By checking this box, you have no reason to believe why people don’t pay a small fee to access you directly. Facebook and Instagram Lives as well as an extensive picture of what things might look like without video.


Direct sale

Think of a YouTube video that gives you a discount coupon in your Amazon purchase description to increase your time. The same could happen to the club. Our experience as a social media app company allows us to significantly increase engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates through real-time audio capabilities through machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Clubhouse announcements

After you build a following on the app, you can leverage Clubhouse to make different announcements about your company. Decided to partner up with a different marketing company? Create a thread sharing your business decision to inform investors and other stakeholders about the reason to switch companies. Use your presence on the app to keep everyone in the loop about your company direction and have valuable discussions with your community.

Clubhouse rooms are also a great place to announce new features and release. You can use these statements to get people excited about your SaaS products. You can also use rooms to get instant feedback on anything you plan to integrate within your offering. People might be able to spot something that you didn’t realize you missed out on. They might even suggest a feature or tweak they’d like you to include. So you can use the features of Clubhouse to start crowdsourcing ideas for your business. 


Clubhouse can uniquely transform the existing format (audio-only), making it a welcome addition to the social media ecosystem. Given its current uniqueness, problems can arise not only for your target audience but also for celebrities and potential investors. If you engage in discussions, reach out to the right people, and use your time wisely on the platform, you will see your brand community grow and strengthen.

The app is currently undergoing beta testing of monetization options and a Creator Grant program that tests payments to authors directly from the app, like Facebook and YouTube. According to the New York Times, Facebook and other platforms are developing products to compete with Clubhouse. The future of the app is unknown, but it will remain open for months to come.