Boost Your Productivity, Save Time, and Never Stay One Step Behind with SignNow

Nowadays, time is one of the most essential resources that many people can never get enough. The recent breakdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly worsened the processes in almost every sphere of human activities. Luckily, technological development and digital solutions go hand in hand, and more and more services that facilitate not only business processes but also social activities appear every day. One of them is SignNow, a service that makes it possible to sign documents instantly, without the need to attend a particular place, entity, or office. Want to know how electronic signatures work, their benefits, and other aspects related to signing documents online? Keep reading this article.

General Information about SignNow

The SignNow service allows for creating an electronic signature that can be used for generating and signing documents, accepting payments, negotiating contracts, and more. Thinking that this tool will be useful for business persons only is not correct. The range of spheres that can benefit from using SignNow is rather wide, and among them are:

  • Education;

  • Real Estate;

  • Life Sciences;

  • Sports Organizations;

  • High Tech Industry;

  • Finance & Tax Accounting and a lot of others.

It is all possible because SignNow is not only about electronic signatures. The opportunities it provides allow for creating templates, distributing, saving, and arranging documents, keeping all the records secure, and, most importantly, doing it on one platform for maximum convenience.

Overview of SignNow Products

The first and foremost product offered by SignNow is E-signature. It should be noted that all signatures you create with the help of this service are legally binding, and you should not worry that something can go wrong. SignNow complies with the Electronic Signature Act, meaning that any document that was signed electronically with this service is absolutely legal. Moreover, information leakage is impossible thanks to the security level concerning all the files you store.

The second product is the Document Generation. AirSlate Business Cloud is a platform that works with SignNow and allows editing PDFs, creating web forms, generating documents, and implementing other necessary functions. On it, you can work with your documents from the very creation until the final steps, including signing.

The next is Workflow Automation, including Document Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation. Thanks to no-code Bots, you can enhance all the processes and get rid of time-consuming manual work. You can create the necessary forms, edit the content, highlight all the parts that require elaboration, send the papers for signing, and much more. All the repetitive tasks can be automated, and you will be able to not only save your precious time but also help others to do the same.

The Main Advantages of SignNow

Among the many benefits of SignNow that you can enjoy if choose to use it, simplicity can be considered the most essential aspect. Many people are worried that before they will be able to use any service to the fullest, they will need to spend a lot of time learning how to do it first. However, it is not the case with SignNow. On the official website, all the steps are clearly visible and explained. All you need to do is decide which method of creating an e-signature will be the most suitable for you.

The next important advantage is the utmost security and compliance with the main regulations and policies like HIPAA, CCPA, SOC II, and others. This service uses two-factor authentication, not to mention complete audit logs. Besides, SignNow is available all over the world, which makes the possibilities it provides almost limitless.

Furthermore, SignNow is available on any device. You can use it anywhere with the help of the gadget that is at hand at the moment. It is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems. In case any issue that requires additional explanation arises, you can always ask a professional support representative for help.

How Much Does It Cost?

SignNow provides a variety of plans for any user. However, it is necessary to mention that its advantage is the possibility to try free version that is available for every new user. With the Sandbox, you will be able to understand if you need to pay more or less and enjoy all the features provided. All you need to do is to use an activation link that will be sent to your email. The most essential aspect that must be noted is that signatures created and applied using the trial version do not have legal power.

Another plan is considered professional, and it will be suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses. It costs $146 per month and allows you to send up to 1000 e-sign invitations and enjoy embedded signing with legally binding signatures.

What is more important is that you can discuss your requirements and needs with the sales department and create your own plan that will suit your business model and volumes of transactions. For sure, the cost of such a plan is not fixed, but considering the discounts for volume that can be provided, it will be more than suitable for you.

All the plans cover the range of basic features.

Millions of Users Trust SignNow

SignNow is the service that is loved and trusted by users and companies all over the world. Thousands of customers’ reviews confirm its reliability, functionality, and quality. SignNow is simply the best, and this fact is confirmed by comparisons with other services, which are possible to make right on the website.

None of the services available on the market today provides the opportunities equal to the ones that are available with SignNow. Join it right now and manage your time productively!