5 Qualities of Top Tier Digital Marketing Agency

Finding a digital marketing agency is not an easy task: considering the hundreds of options available. It’s a saturated market, and narrowing down the field can be difficult.

How do you separate the average from the best? You look for the qualities that the agency offers. And we got five of them below to help you spot a great digital marketing agency:

1. A Proper, Engaging and Kick-Ass Website

Let’s get straight to it: marketing companies need to show off their big, bold and commitment personality. And they do it through their website. Not only do they have to rank high on Google for their keywords and location, but they also have to show themselves off in style. A true digital marketing agency should have a modern and engaging website with an interactive, responsive design, intuitive navigation, and clear-cut aims. Want an example? Take a look at GrowME Marketing‘s website.

2. Medium-Sized Team of Specialists

A premier digital marketing agency is made up of a team of diverse talents and expertise. You want to know that your blogs, social media marketing, Google Ads, SEO and all their services are handled by experts in the field. Check out their team (a great agency will be proud of their team and show them off) and see how they divide their skillset. The team should cover a wide range of digital marketing areas, so you know your bases are covered.

3. Reputation & Relevant Results

To really know if the digital agency is up to your standards, you have got to check out their reputation within the industry (compare Google and Facebook Ratings), talk to their previous clients (who share similar experiences to yours and are of similar size, and within the industry), and most importantly, see if they deliver results. A digital agency that is proud of their work will happily show it off and then explain how they achieve it. If their presentation is tailored to your needs, it means they’ve done their homework.

4. The Tools of Their Services

Do they have the tools to get the job done, and the experience to know how to use them? When it comes to their online tools for their services, what do they use? Ask them about website performance and SEO (Google Analytics), social media marketing (Sprout Social, Hootsuite), email marketing (MailChimp), CRM (Salesforce), content (Grammarly and Copyscape) and so forth. It is vital to see if they’re also a Google Partner and use the latest updated versions of these systems. Any agency comfortable with all these tools means they can handle any project and task you throw at them.

5. Blends With Your Personal Ethics

If it all goes well, you’ll be working with your digital marketing agency for a long time. Closely too. So you want to know if they’re good people to work with, people that fit in with your work ethic. It is a much more subjective aspect to measure, but it is essential to know if you can connect personally with them. Chances are, that by aligning with a marketing company that has similar interests and ethics, they’ll work harder and better for you.

Choosing a digital marketing agency might seem like an overwhelming process, but it only highlights the importance of finding the right team. Take your time, do your homework and see who will best for you and your needs.