What to look for in your data recovery experts

When you run into issues with lost or damaged data and you need hard disk or raid data recovery help, you need to find technicians and a company with data recovery skills and experience. Whether the data lost is images, work, sensitive data, or something critical you need to get back, they are your best chance at recovery. Trying to recover it yourself or handing the job to someone unqualified is risky as it could lead to losing your data completely. Here are some things to think about when you are choosing a service.

Reliable customer service

When you are looking for a reliable hard disk recovery service one of the qualities you should look for is excellent customer service. You should hear from them regarding the different stages of the process, starting with a verbal assessment by phone or in person. You should know what recovery is needed and give an estimate for the work that does not increase with the amount of data they have success with. If you choose to let them continue they can then proceed or if you choose to take it no further that is also your choice to make.

Experienced and qualified people

You also need the people handling the job to be aware of your media, storage device and technicians with qualifications and experience in all the different aspects of data recovery. Just because someone might be a computer geek does not mean they are qualified data recovery. People who are not trained in the different methods and different media are more likely to make mistakes, and only find partial data or perhaps not any at all.

People with the right equipment

You also want a raid data recovery business that has all the latest and best equipment to enact data recovery procedures. They should invest in equipment as it is expensive and needs to be maintained properly in order for it to be effective and consistent. You would want a recovery lab of decent quality, in a cleanroom, with a filtering system that is highly efficient and keeps the workspace free of contaminates. Even the smallest of dust particles or other particles of contaminates can damage internal components and delicate surfaces when working on data recovery. That workspace should be kept at an optimal level of cleanliness so routine maintenance is scheduled.

Facilities that are secure

Another important thing to think about is how secure their facilities are. Especially when the data is sensitive. Vital information a business for example might need to recover that cannot be allowed to be seen. Secure drive storage is essential during the process of hard disk recovery. They should have somewhere protected like a vault where the drives and the rest of the equipment are held to keep them secure. They should monitor access to that vault and even during working hours control who can go in. This is the best way to prevent wireless access from people attempting to steal data. Another bonus would be a camera security system on 24 hours seven days a week, motion detectors, as well as a fire suppression system in place just in case.